How to improve family relationships

Many young families were faced with the fact that some time after the wedding, there was suddenly a chill in the relationship, irritability and fatigue appeared. You suddenly on the other side saw your soul mate. Romance disappears. You are bored with domestic problems. What is happening and how to return the past?
Learn to talk with each other, do not rely on yourself. But the tantrum is not worth it. Agree for some evening that you need to talk about the future and rethink your attitude towards marriage.
Do not start a conversation with reproaches and insults. It is better to prepare and create a romantic atmosphere. Keep in mind that in family relationships you need to maintain the interest of the husband to yourself: prepare surprises for him, keep a riddle in himself, watch his appearance and not put on a bathrobe and slippers.
The woman saw will bring out the most patient man. Therefore, keep the relationship easy.Do not take too much on yourself, let me be a strong man.
Do not close on life. If all your evenings and weekends are the same, at home, in front of the TV, then your spouse is probably bored quickly. Buy theater or movie tickets and report it to him. Delight him with unexpected gifts, then the man will want to make you enjoyable.
Learn to support your loved one in all his endeavors. Frequently praise and say that you believe him that he is the best. Raise his self-esteem. In such a woman, any man will need.
Stay alone, do not forget about the importance of intimate life. Avoid routine in everything.
Pamper him with unusual and tasty dishes.

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