How to have the courage to quit

Can I fix in the work that does not like

Here it is necessary to honestly answer the question that does not suit the current work. If the boss is not satisfied, can we change the attitude towards him? If the team is not satisfied, can we find a compromise with difficult people? If the salary does not suit, then can we live in peace in the current financial situation?

Everyone has their own reasons and it is necessary to clearly analyze all the mistakes so that if a decision is made, the reasons are reasonable. This will usually take some time. I should say to myself, “I did everything I could, but I couldn’t come to terms with it.”

Analyze the pros and cons

Draw a column divided into two parts. In the first, write the pros of your work (starting from the location ending with the team) and the minuses (all that does not suit you). After you have written your comments, you must put a score of importance to each statement.Such a calculation will help to understand not only the pros and cons, but also the personal significance of each criterion. Calculate which column has the most points.

Imagine your life without this job.

After rational thoughts, attention must be paid to feelings. Present in the smallest detail your life without this work. Are you happy or sad? Many people can get so tired of their work that they are incredibly happy to imagine that they have got rid of the heavy burden.

After you have passed the first three points, you need to ask yourself: “Am I still ready to quit?”. If the answer is quick, proceed to the following points:

What prevents to quit?

This item is the most difficult. For many, the problem is not in dismissal, but in obstacles. The fear of finding a job is even worse, staying out of money, experiencing shame from its failure ... there can be a huge amount of reasons. It is necessary to understand each of them and find the right solution.

My perfect job

After all the steps are completed, you must submit your dream job. Think about all your achievements, imagine that the workers only dream of such an employee like you.

Feel free to go ahead and do not be afraid, because it’s better than suffering from unpleasant and tedious work!

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