How to grow a real coffee tree on your windowsill?

You can not imagine your morning without a cup of freshly brewed coffee? So why don't you grow a coffee tree at home? Of course, at first glance, this may seem like a daunting task. But, in fact, there is nothing complicated. Without any problems, you can plant a coffee seed with your own hands and grow a beautiful indoor tree from it, which will regularly delight you with a small crop of your favorite beans.

In addition, a coffee tree can not only decorate your home, but also improve the atmosphere in it. According to the teachings of Feng Shui, it has mystical properties. Coffee is capable of attracting monetary fortune to a house, so there will always be wealth, well-being and harmony in it. If you plant the plant in the zone of love (in the south-western part of the house), then your family will be stronger and there will be less quarrels.

What is a coffee tree?

The coffee tree is an evergreen plant that has leathery, dark green leaves. It grows in the form of a bush, but it is also possible to form from it a small tree 1.5 meters high. Coffee blooms twice a year - in spring and autumn. The flowers of this tree are large, white. They have a very pleasant aroma, which is somewhat reminiscent of the smell of jasmine and almond.

Coffee fruits are berries the size of a cherry. First they have a green color, and when they mature, they change it to bright red. In one berry there are two seeds (grains), shrouded in skins. For their maturation it takes 6-7 months. So about twice a year you can harvest coffee. By the way, from one such tree you can get 0.5 kg of seeds.

What do you need to grow coffee at home?

There are more than 50 types of coffee trees, but only half of them bear fruit. At home, you can grow only one species of this plant called coffee Arabian.

If you really want your window sill to decorate this fragrant tree, but do not know how to grow it, then we will help you with this. There is an erroneous opinion that this plant is very capricious, but, in fact, it is very easy to care for it, you should only follow certain rules.

Landing rules

Landing is the most important stage, since it depends on her whether your undertaking will be successful. First of all, you should know that the coffee tree can be grown from grains and cuttings.

  • Growing coffee from grains

Coffee beans for planting can be purchased at a specialty store. If you don’t have one in your area, you can buy them at any store that sells non-roasted grains of Arabian coffee. Be sure to pay attention to their freshness. Grains must be harvested no more than one year ago. If you have friends who already have a coffee tree, then ask them for a few ripe berries, since freshly picked grains have a high germination rate when planting.

Before planting, the seeds of coffee must be prepared. First you need to clear them from the shell. After that, the grains need to be soaked in a solution of any growth stimulant, which will help them germinate faster. The soil for planting should be loose, so perfect universal soil for indoor plants. Coffee seeds must be planted in the soil at a depth of 2 cm.

After that, they need to pour warm water. The seed pot should be covered with a film or glass and placed on the window sill where there is the most sunlight.In order for the grains to grow well, the temperature should not fall below 20ºС.

Twice a week you need to remove the film from the pot for a couple of hours so that the soil is a little ventilated and dried. The first shoots should appear in 1.5 months. It is necessary to water them only from a spray. As soon as several pairs of leaves are formed, the seedlings must be carefully placed in different pots.

  • Growing coffee from cuttings

If there is an opportunity, it is better to buy a cutting, since the coffee tree will grow from it faster and start to bear fruit earlier. A stalk is a branch with two pairs of leaves. It is cut 2-3 cm below the leaves along an oblique line. After that, the stalk is placed for 7 hours in water containing a growth stimulator.

Before planting, the cut of the plant should be sprinkled with wood ash or activated charcoal. The stalk deepens in the soil to the bottom of the leaves. After that, it is watered with warm water and covered with a can, which periodically needs to be removed in order for the plant to be ventilated.

After the stalk has taken root, it needs to be transplanted into a permanent pot with a diameter of 12 cm, at the bottom of which a drainage is laid out first, and then a layer of sand goes on which the seedling is placed.After that, the pot is filled with primer.

The coffee tree loves a sour soil, therefore, to recreate it at home, you need to mix sod land, humus, leaf soil, river sand and peat in a ratio of 2: 2: 1: 1: 0.5. During transplantation the composition of the soil does not change.

Rules of care of a plant

It is quite easy to take care of the coffee tree. First of all, you should know that in order for the plant to grow better, it must be located in rooms with windows facing south, south-west and south-east. You also need to consider that this tree loves a lot of light, but it does not tolerate direct sunlight.

And in the winter it is better to additionally illuminate with a fluorescent lamp. It is important to remember that this plant does not like drafts very much and does not tolerate temperatures well below 14 ° C.

If you see that coffee grows well in a certain place, then it is better not to move it from this place. In addition, you should not periodically rotate the pot, because then you get a uniform crown, but the tree will no longer bear fruit.

Since this plant is from the tropics, watering should be carried out regularly. In the summer it should be more abundant.Water should be watered as the soil dries. To do this, it is better to use warm water, which is settled for a day.

Also need to regularly spray the leaves from the spray gun. You need to feed the plant once a month, alternating a complex of mineral fertilizers with a water infusion of the mullein. And in the flowering period (from April to May and from October to November), it is better to make top dress every 7-10 days.

A young coffee tree in the first three years should be replanted once a year, while the new pot should have a 2 cm larger diameter than the old pot. An adult plant can be transplanted once every 3-4 years, and once a year it is necessary to update the top layer of the soil, adding new soil.

As you can see, caring for the coffee tree is very simple, and under normal conditions it will begin to bloom and bear fruit three years after planting. So very soon you will be able to please your guests with a cup of coffee, the grains of which you yourself have grown on your windowsill.

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