How to glue wallpapers on the wall

You will need
  • - glue for photo wallpapers;
  • - capacity for glue;
  • - brush;
  • - roller for smoothing wallpaper;
  • - knife;
  • - a pencil.
Inspect the wall for bumps and moisture. If there are remains of old wallpaper, lime and other surplus on it, remove them with a knife or a special spatula. Unsuitable pieces of wallpaper can be pre-softened with water or a special liquid.
Place the photo wallpaper panels on a clean floor so that they are in the order in which they are on the wall, they should be the final image. If the size of the photo wallpaper is larger than the wall parameters, trim the free edges of the panels, i.e. those that do not touch each other. Use a ruler and a sharp knife to avoid tears and tatters.
Mark the wall with a pencil in the places where each part of the picture will be pasted. Begin at the bottom edge. Attach fragments alternately and make marks, one line on each side, to finally see a large grid of squares or rectangles on the wall and once again assess the position of the wallpaper on the wall.It may be that the marks will have to be moved up or down for the perfect realization of the plan.
Dissolve the adhesive according to the instructions on the package. To glue the panels, start from the bottom left corner, move to the right, for the next row, move to the left again. Pay more attention to the joints of the fragments so that there are no gaps.
Apply glue with a brush to the panel, starting in the middle. Attach it to the wall along the marked lines and press down in the center. Then smooth with a roller or towel in all directions. Always start from the center! This will avoid wrinkles and bubbles.
Carefully remove any glue that has protruded on the edges of the fragment. If the glue is on the front of the wallpaper, carefully remove it with a clean cloth dipped in soapy water.
In the same way, glue the entire bottom row. Make sure that the sides of the fragments coincide with the adjacent ones, and the lower ones are strictly parallel to the floor, otherwise the panels of the next row will not be able to join the previous ones. Glue the remaining panels and admire the result. Photowall-paper dries at least 1 hour.

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