How to get uin ICQ

If ICQ is already installed on your computer, you can skip this step. In the event that you first encounter this program, then you first need to install it. To do this, download the installer of the ICQ program or any other program that uses the same protocol as ICQ (for example, QIP, Miranda, Jimm, SIM). Then, after running the installer, follow the instructions of the installer. After you confirm the license agreement, the program will warn you that an Internet connection is required to continue installing ICQ. Therefore, install the program only when the computer has a stable connection to the Internet.
Once you install the program, run it. In the window that opens, click on the "Register" button. Next you need to fill in the registration form, which contains the following fields:
• Nickname is your nickname to be used in ICQ;
• First Name - name (it is desirable to indicate your real name);
• Last Name - your last name (this field is not required);
• Email - email address;
• Gender - gender;
• Age - age;
• Password - in this line, you must enter your password (a very easy password can cause your login to be hacked, so try to use upper and lower case letters and numbers);
• Confirm Password - confirmation of the password.

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