How to get rid of allergies during pregnancy

Sometimes a woman, being pregnant, becomes susceptible to a number of allergens, to which her body used to be completely insensitive. This phenomenon provokes the future mom's immune system, which, in order not to harm the fetus, begins not so zealously protecting the body from environmental influences.

Types of allergies in pregnant women

Allergy in pregnant women is practically no different from ordinary allergies. The most common signs of the disease are sudden swelling of the throat or mucous membrane, lacrimation, a bad cold, intense sneezing, and a hacking cough.
There are also dangerous manifestations of allergy. These include anaphylactic shock and angioedema. Fortunately, these allergic reactions occur very rarely, in particular, anaphylactic shock occurs only in one case per million.

Allergy prevention

As you know, it is almost impossible to completely recover from an allergic disease, but timely prevention can prevent its unpleasant consequences.Adhering to these simple rules, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of allergies:
First of all, a pregnant woman should completely stop smoking and other bad habits. It is necessary to understand that in most cases smoking of the mother leads to the risk of the appearance of serious health problems in her child: bronchial asthma, diseases of the cardiovascular system, diseases of the lungs and mental disorders.
In order to be less susceptible to the influence of various allergens, it is necessary to maintain cleanliness in the house, namely, to do wet cleaning of the rooms every day. You should also ensure that rugs, blankets and other items that are constantly accumulated dust were knocked out.
A pregnant woman should not be in contact with animals, no matter whether they caused allergies before pregnancy. Animal hair is one of the most common sources of allergens.
A woman “in position” needs to keep track of her nutrition and eat only those foods that very rarely cause allergies. In particular, it is desirable to exclude from the diet citrus fruits: oranges, tangerines, lemons, grapefruits.
With too frequent symptoms of allergies can not independently experiment with the use of drugs. Only a qualified allergist will be able to determine exactly what caused allergies. If you can not get an appointment with an allergist, you can consult a gynecologist.

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