How to get maternity capital if children are registered in different places

Who is eligible for maternity capital

A certificate for maternity capital is issued to a mother with Russian citizenship who gave birth to or adopted the second and all subsequent children. In 2018, the amount for each subsequent child is 453026 rubles. Also, the certificate can be issued to a man who is the only adopter of the second and subsequent children. A similar law was passed in 2007, and it was extended until 2021. Subsequently, an increase in payments for the third and subsequent children is expected to be approximately three times.

Minor children, as well as persons studying in higher and secondary special educational institutions before the end of their studies or citizens reach the age of 23, have the right to receive appropriate payments. The law applies in cases where both parents (or one, if it is the only one) have ceased the right to appropriate state support.

Parents who have changed their citizenship or who have refused to raise a child and the rights to it (including by law enforcement agencies) are liable to be deprived of the possibility of obtaining and receiving matkapital. Other family situations, including the registration of two or more children in different places, do not contradict the law, so the maternity capital must be paid according to all the rules.

How to issue a certificate for maternity capital

For obtaining a certificate after the birth of the second child and subsequent children, you should contact the territorial office of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation at the place of residence or actual residence of the parents. The application for issuance of a certificate can be submitted by a citizen independently or through a trustee. It also provides for the possibility of submitting documents by mail or through the Internet portal "Gosuslugi". You can take advantage of the right immediately after the birth or adoption of the next child, or at a later date, if it is convenient for parents.

In addition to the application, the following documents must be submitted to the Pension Fund:

  • parent's passport;
  • birth certificates of children (or adoption certificates for adopted children);
  • documents damaging the identity and powers of a trustee or legal representative of the parents (if necessary).

In addition, it is necessary to confirm the Russian citizenship of a child (children) born or adopted after January 1, 2007. To do this, the corresponding passport and visa service stamp is put on the birth certificate or a special insert is provided (it was issued before February 7, 2007).

In special cases, such documents will be needed as: a certificate of the death or deprivation of parental rights of the woman who gave birth to or adopted the children applying for maternity capital; a notice from the internal affairs bodies about a woman�s intentional crime against a child (provided by the father to confirm exclusive parental rights).

If both parents have died or lost their rights to the child, the latter has the right to apply for the appropriate allowance through a guardian (up to the age of 18) or independently (from 18 to 23 years old in cases provided by law).At the same time, the residence permit of children applying for capital is not checked, and the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation has no right to refer to it for refusing to provide state assistance. In case of violation of civil rights, the complainants can make a claim by sending it to a higher body (management) of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, as well as a statement of claim to the court.

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