How to get a promotion: talk to the head

Asking for the promotion of your manager is not easy. However, you need to gather strength and do everything possible to climb the career ladder one step higher. For this, one should mentally prepare and choose a convenient time to talk with the management.

Preparing to talk

You can not come to the boss, punch the table and ask for a raise. This philosophy will not lead to the desired goal, on the contrary, it is a direct way to dismissal from the company. It is necessary to substantiate your demand for promotion, otherwise it will not work. You should first prepare for a conversation with the boss. The first thing to do is to answer the question: “Why should a subordinate be promoted?”.
For this reason, it is necessary to prepare a list of your achievements. In order not to look unfounded, you will need to back up your words with concrete numbers and documents confirming success.You can also note what was learned during the work in this company, what tasks or activities were mastered, that is, how much the employee has expanded his functionality as a specialist. All this will help to achieve improvement on the career ladder.

Choosing the right moment

Preparation for the conversation is not limited to the systematization of their knowledge, achievements and arguments in favor of improvement. Success also depends on the right timing and time to talk. It is not recommended to bother the boss with a request for a raise in the morning, because at that time he has a lot of work. Much better to come talk to him after dinner.
In addition, you should look at the situation more broadly. So, when things are not going very well in a company, most likely the employee will be refused. Also, you should not pester the boss with a talk about promotion when he is out of sorts. As a rule, such a conversation will not bring anything good, and, perhaps, even a working relationship will deteriorate badly.

Typical mistakes

Often, employees asking for a promotion will make mistakes that block their path to their dream.You should know about them in order not to commit them later. So, some employees are asking for promotions at corporate parties. Of course, the boss is in a good mood, but in most cases the request remains unheeded. This is due to the fact that the manager is in a relaxed state and simply does not want to think about business at the moment. You should not blackmail the boss with your care, as he can dismiss under the article, and this will be a huge stain in the biography, and you will not have to wait for good recommendations from the place of work.

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