How to get a loan in St. Petersburg

Make a mini-plan for you in which you should write down the following points in detail:
� The estimated amount you need;
� The size of the monthly payment, which will be feasible for you and will not create a gap in the family budget;
� the period in which it is planned to return the money with accrued interest;
� possibility of early repayment.
This will allow you to take a sober look at the situation, assess the possibilities and prospects for further relations with the bank.
If there are no preferences for financial institutions, then look at the information portal and in the menu on the left select the section "Banks of St. Petersburg". You will see an alphabetically listed list.
Follow the link "All banks of the city" - you will have access to information on all institutions of the Northern capital. The information is structured, so it�s fairly easy to navigate the list and find the right option.If you have doubts about the right to conduct business, then the license number on the Central Bank website can determine the legality of the work. Just for this, do not forget to set the �Registration number� parameter in the form.
Go through the list, look at the information on the official sites, select from a total of about 10 banks, the conditions in which seemed to you the most attractive. If you have any questions, write them down, and next to them indicate the contact number of the financial institution. Return to them later, perhaps you will stop your choice at another bank and the need for a call will disappear altogether.
Fill out online applications on several sites - this procedure will save a lot of time if you suddenly have to wait for a visit to the department. The request is usually immediately processed, and employees contact the potential customer within a few hours, at most the next day.
Be sure to check the list of documents that are required for loan processing. Not all banks will require a 2-NDFL certificate from you. However, if it is provided, then the annual interest rate will in most cases be lower, but the likelihood of approval of the application may fall. If your official income is below 15 thousand.p., you can not even try to get a loan using a certificate: in any case there will be a refusal.
It is possible to use alternatives - act. But remember that a foreign passport with a stamp about a recent trip to a visa country looks much more attractive to a bank than an insurance retirement certificate. Accordingly, in the first case, the chances of getting a loan increase significantly.
In general, the portrait of the ideal borrower for any bank looks like this:
� age from 25 years;
� registration at the place of residence in St. Petersburg;
� continuous service on the last job from 2 years;
� lack of credit obligations;
� The employer is a large organization (in each bank the gradation of companies is different, but the employee of OAO Gazprom will be more willing to give money than the employee of the small firm Ladoga);
� The position is not associated with a risk to life and health (positions of a taxi driver, driver, members of special services and special forces are recognized as dangerous).
Personal communication with a bank representative for a loan is necessary - you will need to fill out an application, submit original documents, sign.In addition, if an employee is sufficiently competent in the field of lending and has a broad outlook, he will select a program advantageous for the client and help build a plan for the rational use of the service.
Before signing the document, compare the prepared mini-plan with the conditions of the bank.

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