How to fry sea fish tasty

Sea fish is the richest source of high-grade protein, useful fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Eating it for food has a positive effect on human health, slows down the aging process. Many peoples living near the seas, have their own national preferences in the preparation of sea fish. The Swedes have roasted herring. In this country, roasted herring in Swedish plays the role of fast food. Very often, roasted herring is served with pickled onions and mashed potatoes.
How to fry sea fish tasty

You need

To cook four servings of herring in Swedish you need:
  • herring, preferably Pacific, 2 pieces, weighing about 300 g each;
  • butter, natural, creamy 50 g;
  • dill 30 g;
  • pepper;
  • salt.
How to fry sea fish tasty
How to fry sea fish tasty

Step-by-step recipecooking fish

1. Cut the herring on a fillet with pitted skin and head. To do this, remove the head, cut the abdomen, clean the internals. Make a cut along the ridge, take out the spine, remove the costal bones. The obtained halves are washed and dried. 2. Prepared fish salt and pepper to taste, sprinkle with finely chopped dill. "style =" max- width: 100%; " alt="How to fry sea fish tasty">
3. The prepared herring fillets are breaded in flour, and you can take both white wheat and dark rye flour. 4. Heat oil in a skillet and place fish fillet with skin down. Despite the fact that the herring is cooked in Swedish butter mainly on butter, if desired, it can be replaced with vegetable oil or cook fish on a mixture of these>

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