How to find out the card account number?

Most of us today have bank cards that can be both salary and credit. Note that each of them will have a separate individual number. To find out a bank card number, just look at it and find a long sequence of numbers on its front side. These figures will be its number. However, in order to know her account, you must use one of the instructions given.

In order to find out the account number of a credit card or another bank card, you will need: a passport, a bank card, a telephone, a computer and internet access.

Find bank account number

  • How to find out the card account number? The easiest is to visit a bank branch. For this you need to take a passport and a card. Next, present them to your operator and ask him to find out the account number of your card. Often it will print you or, if desired, dictate.
  • During a call to the call center of your bank, you must go through the authorization procedure.Sometimes the bank can identify the client by the phone number that was attached to your account. You may be asked to enter your card number upon request, its code. Note that how to find out the number of a credit card or another bank card is very simple, since it is indicated on the card itself (16 digits). It is also possible that you will have to give your passport number, date of birth, etc. If you still cannot find out the account number of your card using the instructions of the answering machine, then connect with the operator. He can also help you. Ask for the number of your account, write down and re-dictate it to the operator to make sure that your record is correct.
  • If the bank provides an opportunity to use Internet banking, then this method will be the easiest if you have Internet access. To get started, log in using your login and password (if necessary, using a variable code, one-time password, which is sent via SMS, etc.). If the account number was not immediately provided to you on the main page, then you should go to the section with information about your accounts and cards.
  • Some banks link one account for all your cards.Identification of customers will occur, for example, by name, first name, as well as by card number. In this case, to find out the credit card number, namely, its account, you need to ask for the details for transfer, for example, from an operator. You can also find these details on the website of your bank, namely in the section of details, intended for replenishment of cards.

Find the account number by card number

There is an opinion that the account numbers and the Sberbank card number are the same, however, these are completely different concepts. For example, you can easily find out the Sberbank card number, since it is always listed on the card itself. However, in order to find out the account number of a Sberbank card, one should contact the bank itself.

  • Note that when you received the plastic card itself, you should have received the envelope, where not only the card number was indicated, but also its account number.
  • You can also call the 24-hour toll-free Sberbank number: 8-800-555-555-0, where you, after identification, tell the operator the essence of your request. Identification consists in giving you your full name, date of birth, and also the code word that you should have indicated when filling in the questionnaire at the time of issuing a Sberbank card.In the case when the code word was lost by you or you forgot it, then indicate the series and number of the passport, as well as other information about yourself that the operator may request. After this procedure, you will be informed of the bank card account number.
  • You can also use the Sberbank Online system. You must be registered there, because you must have a valid username and password to access it. You can also find it at the Sberbank branch or at any ATM. After you log in, you will need to find the "cards" section and click on it. There will be information about your account.

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