How to find a good nanny for a child?

When parents are actively engaged in work and there is no time to raise a baby, you need to look for a suitable assistant - a nanny who will find a common language with the child, be experienced, responsible and caring. It is sometimes difficult to find a good nanny, because besides the basic requirements in this work personal qualities of a person are important. The nuances can be clarified and settled at the meeting, but to find women suitable for such work, there are several general recommendations. Consider where and how best to look for a nanny, what to look for when choosing a candidate and how to adequately evaluate her work.

Where to look for a babysitter?

One of the best options is to find female workers through special agencies: babysitters are selected there, their websites with photos and the necessary data about work experience, personal qualities and the desired conditions of future employment are posted on the websites of agencies. It can be said that people who want to work, who understand the essence and responsibility of their work, are ready to mutually beneficial cooperation on honest conditions are registered there.For example, in Moscow you can contact the Leader-Prestige home recruitment agency, and you can find out about potential female workers directly on the website: look in the catalog of baby-sitter forms for babies.

Many are looking for nannies through acquaintances and friends: a close person will not advise a bad candidate, especially if she worked for him earlier. In this case, you can also find a reliable person on the recommendation of someone you trust. A friend will tell you about all the nuances of working with a nanny, and if everything suits you, she will be able to start working. Some also hire their friends: knowing a person personally, it is easier for him to entrust his child. Also one of the best options, but in this case, you should distinguish between friendship and work, so that there are no awkward psychological situations. Clearly negotiate with your girlfriend working conditions, let me know that you pay her not for a friendship, but for good faith work.

Choosing a nanny should be approached responsibly, especially if you are looking through little-known job posting websites or through newspapers. Submit an ad there does not cost anything, so the candidates can be completely different, and such sources are often preferred by scammers.If you are looking for a babysitter in this way, be sure to talk in detail with a potential worker, try to learn about her as much as possible, make a contract and make photocopies of her main documents.

General recommendations for all nannies

  1. Cleanliness and accuracy. Evaluate the appearance of the candidate in general and in detail. Vaccinations and a valid medical book are also recommended for a nanny, especially if you are working with a small child.
  2. Experience with children and the ability to behave with them correctly. Pedagogical and psychological education, an earlier experience of working with children of the age category that your baby belongs to is welcome. Adult women who have already raised their healthy, intelligent, and happy children are also good candidates. If such a woman is in front of you, do not hesitate to talk to her about her family, about how she raised her children. Novice nannies who have no experience raising their own children may have nephews, sat with the children of friends, or worked as tutors. Any positive experience with children should be.
  3. Willing to cooperate.A nanny should understand that parents can have tense living conditions, a child can have some peculiarities, but she herself should honestly and openly explain the special conditions of her work. You need to discuss all the details and, if possible, sign an agreement where the basic mutual requirements will be spelled out so that in the future there will be no misunderstandings, situations where the nanny cannot come to the child, etc.

Job nanny: how to adequately assess her work?

Any work of a nanny requires not only the performance of specific duties, but also large mental and energy costs. The more difficult and younger a child is, the more time you need to spend with it, the higher the payment should be. Standard work of a nanny is the usual child care and light entertainment, so that he does not feel lonely and abandoned in the absence of parents. Other options should be paid accordingly:

  1. One-year-old kids need special attention, they need a lot of warmth. It is necessary to ensure that they eat right, get enough sleep and nothing bad happens to them. In this case, the nanny is the second mother, and any mother knows how difficult it is sometimes to raise a small child.
  2. Children with disabilities or certain diseases.You need to very carefully pick up a nanny for such a child: caring for him may be very different from the education of an ordinary baby. Pick a qualified employee, but also pay for his work with dignity.
  3. Nanny for more than one child. The more children, the more power is required to invest in work. Pay for each child or set a fixed premium to the principal amount.
  4. Nanny-governess. There are parents who prefer that their children from an early age not only play regular games, but develop slowly in other directions. In such cases, the parents ask the nanny to teach the child the elementary school curriculum or organize something like a developing hobby. Such work should also be paid above the standard rate.

All these recommendations will help you find the right person for your baby. Remember that a nanny is not just a caring woman who performs her direct duties.

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