How do I fill out a payment request?

How do I fill out a payment request? What is a payment request?

How to fill out a payment request? What is a payment request?

How do I fill out a payment request?



Nowadays, very often such situations occur when it is necessary to send a claim to a bank for the payment of services by a commercial firm or another organization. A few are able to correctly draw up a payment request, some of them did not encounter such a problem in principle. However, it can be useful to any person in our country at the most inappropriate moment - therefore, it is necessary to be able to fill out a payment request now.


How do I fill out a payment request? What is a payment request? This is a document that includes the requirement of the supplier to the recipient to pay a certain amount on a specific date. It must be compiled and executed in accordance with generally accepted requirements.


  • In order to properly issue a payment request, you need to take a clean sheet of A4 format, on the top center write "Payment request",in the same place indicate the document number, method of payment and type of payment, as well as the date of request.
  • Further it is necessary to make the table. The first line is called “Terms of payment” - the column corresponding to the line, as it becomes clear, contains additional conditions. Next, the third column, you must place the payment term.
  • The second line - “The amount in words”, the corresponding column must include, as you already understood, the necessary amount of money written in words, not numbers.
  • How to fill out a payment request is more clear. In addition, it is necessary to include in the payment request all the necessary information about the bank account of the beneficiary: TIN, bank details. The first column indicates all this information, as well as the form of ownership. In the second column, you must write the amount.
  • After that you need to enter into the payment request information about the payer's bank: the city in which the bank is located, the BIC and the account number. The same information is necessary for the provision and for the receiving bank.
  • After all this, enter the full name of the recipient, his TIN and bank account number.
  • Next to the "Purpose of payment" it is necessary to make an extract from the original request for funds by the service provider. This is what he plans to get money from.
  • Describe in detail this moment in the appropriate line, and next to it, write down the amount passing from the payer to the payee.
  • Make a line below in small print, which will indicate when you received a document requiring you to pay.
  • Set the desired date.
  • Determine the place for signatures and leave the bank enough space for stamping and special marks confirming the payment.


How do I fill out a payment request? Now you can easily create the right payment request. The ability to pay for services on time and in full is very important for interaction with all suppliers of goods and services.

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