How to extend the validity of the certificate

Pay for inspection control work carried out by a certified quality management system. Write an order to form an inspection control commission. Verify the order with the signature of the head and members of the commission.
Make a plan for the inspection control, coordinate and approve the decisions made with the inspection organization. Prepare the working documents required for the inspection. Prepare a statement describing the results of the inspection performed. Verify the statement made by the signature of the chief inspector and members of the commission.
Write a statement to the Certification Authority to extendcertificateCompliance no later than three months before the endtermactionsand provide along with the act. Perform all correctiveactions, marked by the inspection body on the basis of the submitted act. Fill out the application about the corrections made.
Wait for a decision on the act of the certification body. In case of a negative result, the inspection control report is sent to the Technical Center of the Register for a final decision. If the certificate of conformity is revoked or suspended, a notice is written to the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology on this fact. Relevant information is entered into the registry. Cancellation or suspensioncertificateis made in case of revealing a fact of significant non-conformities, cardinal changes in the production of the enterprise, not paying for the services of inspection control and the Certification Body, not fulfilling the terms of the contract with the Certification Body and other significant defects. If the certificate of conformity is confirmed, then its termactionsextended for another three years.

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