How to express feelings to a loved one

Express your feelings for your beloved constantly, in order to hold his confidence that you love him.
Remember that the expression of anxious feelings should not be carried out in the tone of business negotiations. Try to shorten the distance as much as possible to fully understand the feelings and experiences of the person. This will help the chosen one to experience your experiences as much as possible.
More often remind your beloved about your feelings, but not dry and formal, but with trepidation. To do this, take his hand in your hand, look into his eyes and say warm words of love. Try to get away from work once again and call your beloved one or write him a message with a declaration of love. All these actions will make an indelible impression on the partner, and your relationship will become more harmonious and stable.
Give your loved one gifts that remind you of your love. At the same time, remember that very expensive gifts are not always better, because sometimes a greeting card or a statuette made with your own hands will tell about your feelings much more and more colorful than an ornate surprise.
Flowers will help to tell about love.Give your beloved a bouquet of seven or more roses - a symbol of love and strong passion. Combine white and red roses in one bouquet. Such a gift without words will tell you that you are hoping for a long and lasting love relationship.
Poems at all times were one of the attributes of a declaration of love. Take a volume of poems of your favorite poet, choose a piece that expresses your feelings as much as possible. With your own hand write on your beautiful postcard the lines you like and mail it to your loved one. Rest assured, he will certainly appreciate your action. Try to write a poem by yourself, read it on a near date.
Have a romantic dinner. To do this, you can choose a cozy restaurant or apartment. Order or prepare your favorite treats for your second half, light candles and turn on romantic music.

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