How to draw graffiti in contact?

How to draw graffiti in contactHow to draw graffiti in contact.

- it is a famous social network that has become famous throughout Russia and in the countries of the near abroad. Its founder, Pavel Durov, did his best to make online communication as comfortable and pleasant as possible. This social network contains many sections that can be seen by registering. Registration vkontakte free, which significantly adds people who want to communicate online. Besides, having registered in this social network, you can easily find out all the most interesting and useful articles, visit various groups, join communities, subscribe to various pages and even give gifts! Yes Yes! In addition, you will find an interesting connection is music and video. All this you can watch and listen directly to VKontakte. But this surprises do not end there either. You can easily express your individuality by drawing graffiti.And we will tell about this opportunity in more detail in our article further.


What is graffiti? Graffiti is a drawing that can be left on the user's wall. That is, you go to your friend’s page, click on the “Write a message” item and click on a special icon, which means the graffiti itself. Thus, in front of you pops up a large white window, which is intended to draw in it. You can choose for yourself any color, there are a lot of them in the palette. In addition, you can choose the appropriate brightness, transparency and size. This is all purely individual and depends solely on your desires. It should be noted that this opportunity was created in order to express their individuality, to more fully disclose all their emotions. With the help of graffiti, you can congratulate your beloved friend or girlfriend on a holiday or just do something nice by drawing something from him or her on the wall. But also, there are people who make masterpieces with the help of VKontakte graffiti. In order to create truly amazing drawings, practice is needed. You have to perfect the technique of drawing graffiti with a mouse, because it is much more complicated than a regular spray can.Fortunately, in this window there is a button that allows you to erase the previous step or erase all the graffiti entirely. It is also very convenient, because not everyone immediately has masterpieces, besides, there is a chance to accidentally do something wrong and the whole picture will be spoiled. Thus, it should be said that it is beautiful to draw VKontakte graffiti - this is only a matter of time, or rather, addiction. If you practice in this case for at least a month, then you will learn the basic basics of drawing, you will know exactly what and how to draw, how to draw really something beautiful and seemingly professional.


How to draw graffiti in contact - program



The most convenient program for drawing graffiti in contact, in our opinion, is the program vkpaint, you can download it here: (size 5.1 MB). With its help you can:

  • send a ready-made graffiti - a picture on your friend's wall or wall;
  • redraw a picture or photo from the original by placing the original under the drawing window.

Send a finished picture is also easy! Simply click on the following “open file” and “upload to wall” buttons. Next you need to select the desired user in the appeared window and then send graffiti to it on the wall.


Video tutorial how to draw graffiti in contact



So, in this article we told you about what to do in order to draw graffiti in a contact independently or with the help of a program. However, this article is not enough to make a really worthwhile drawing that your friends will like. To do this, you need to have something natural, or rather a beautiful natural vision that does not disappoint you, because if you do an excellent job with the task on the canvas, then you can do it on a computer monitor or any device. It is worth noting that during the time when you will draw graffiti in contact, you should not worry or rush too much. Everything should be done smoothly and evenly so as not to accidentally screw up and do not redraw again. For a really beautiful picture, you need maximum attention and endurance, as well as an excellent knowledge of this opportunity, which is called "Graffiti". Dare! Try it! Learn to draw graffiti in contact! Everything comes with experience, and such a thing as drawing is just what it requires.

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