How to do exercises to remove excess fat from the hips

Sit on your knees and lower your arms along your body. Sit on the left thigh, turn your hands to the right, then straighten up and sit on the left thigh, with your arms move left. Do this exercise 10 times in each direction.
Lie on your back, stretch your arms over your head. Legs bent at the knees, put to the left, then to the right and straighten again. Perform the exercise 16-18 times.
Stand up. Put your hands on your belt, legs apart. Make 12-15 springy slopes with straightening right and then left.
Sit on the floor, lean on the arms that you put behind your back. Straight legs lift up and spread apart, then reconnect them and lower down. Do the exercise 15-20 times.
Lie on your right side, with one hand should be under the head, the other - on the belt. Lift the straightened leg up 20 times, then roll over to the left side and do the same exercise with the other leg.
Stand straight, put your legs together, hands on the belt. Do torso torso left, right, then turn left and right. Perform movements 15 times in each direction.

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