How to distinguish the iPhone from a fake?

Underground phones are sold on the market more and more often. More fakes exist on expensive phone models. Buyers, wanting to save money, go to such transactions and acquire non-certified goods. And sometimes they do not even suspect that the phone is not factory. How to distinguish a fake iPhone 4, we will understand this article. These tips also apply to other models.

Fake or not

You have purchased iPhone4s, how to distinguish a fake?

  • First of all, you need to carefully examine the smartphone that you purchased. In the original iPhone, the back cover can not be removed to insert a SIM card. In the iPhone, it is inserted from the side. Some fakes iPhones have a removable cover. Sim card is inserted into them next to the battery.
  • You need to make sure that the phone case does not have extra openings and ports. If the seller says that you can insert two SIM cards, a USB flash drive, etc. into the iPhone, do not believe it. In the original iPhone, any configuration is not possible to work with 2 SIM cards and a flash drive. This is also good advice on how to distinguish a fake iPhone 3gs
  • You should familiarize yourself with the programs that provide the device. In a fake smartphone, the interface is inconvenient and unusual for use; errors in the inscriptions in Russian and English skip over. Fake iPhones do not have iOS operating system. Even if the fake operating system looks like it looks similar, there is no iTunes in it. If you can find the iTunes icon, you need to click it and check the functionality of the program.
  • The picture quality in this iPhone is very high, so you should pay attention to the picture of the proposed model.
  • It is necessary to check the quality of images. In fakes, as a rule, a base camera is installed.
  • Next, you should inspect the box. Must match the IMEI serial number on the box and in the settings of the iPhone.
  • Examine the contents of the box. There should be a mobile device itself, an instruction manual, a headset, a charger, which consists of a nozzle for a socket and a USB cable and a pin that helps to insert a SIM card.


You decide to buy iPhone5, how to distinguish a fake?

Check housing

  • The original iPhone is made of aluminum, its weight is 112g. A fake - from plastic, weight - 146g.
  • The back panel of plagiarism has a two-color design, whereas in the original it has a uniform color.
  • Remove the cover of this iPhone, it is screwed tightly.
  • The original phone has a screen size of 4 inches, with a fake it is 3.5 inches.

Inscriptions on the iPhone

  • The back cover of the original should have an Applet logo. This is an apple, it is bitten on the right side. On the fake logo is not at all. If he is, then the apple is bitten on his left side.
  • Below the back cover has the following inscriptions:
  1. The inscription iPhone5.
  2. Memory capacity
  3. Below
  4. Serial number of the IC device, model number FCC ID.
  5. Logo of the plant and certification marks.

Fakes or these inscriptions do not have, or they are located in a different order. The word iPhone can be replaced with eyePhone, iFone and more. Where capacity should be written, it can be anything, such as 3G or Wi-Fi.


  1. In a fake, often the names of menu items do not fit on one line, for example, instead of "Calendar" it may be written "calendars ...".
  2. You cannot find the Store service in a fake.


This is the main feature. Everyone knows that the price of an “apple” is large enough, not everyone can afford such a purchase. If a new iPhone is offered at an affordable price, then this should be a reason to think. Either it is a fake or a stolen goods.

We told a few basic ways to distinguish the IPhone, a fake from the original of this device. Now you can easily navigate the market for these devices.

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