How to dig a pond in the country

You will need
  • - rope;
  • - spade;
  • - shovel;
  • - car;
  • - 3 plastic pipes;
  • - polyethylene film;
  • - decorative rock.
For the device of a small pond, you must choose a place. The site should be removed from the trees so that the pond does not clog up with loose foliage.
Take a long rope and mark the contours of the pond, which should be 30 centimeters further than the intended reservoir.
Remove the second layer of earth. Fold it separately - it will come in handy for leveling the bed in the pond.
To remove the lowest layer you will need a pickaxe, because the soil is rocky at the base. This soil is also folded separately. It can serve as a substrate for plants in the water.
The pond bed plan with great precision. It must be everywhere equal depth. At varying heights, water may spill in a low location.
If you have planned a pond area of 3.5 square meters, then its depth should be 0.5 m. Give your pond a semicircular or oval shape.
Having made the basis for the pond, bring the pipes to it. Two plastic pipes will provide the necessary circulation of water. Lead the third pipe to discharge water if it will overflow from the pond when it rains. It should be available for cleaning. For the winter period, drain the water from the pond and shut off the pipes.
Take a plastic film with a thickness of 1 mm and cover the pond. If you do not have enough film on the entire area, then glue two pieces of moisture-resistant glue. Choosing the color of the film, do not forget that it will depend on the shade of your dacha pond. Fill the pit with water.
If desired, set in the middle of the pond a small fountain. In the store you will find a special pump for the installation of fountains. The maximum effect of such a fountain will be if you arrange a multi-colored backlight. For this you will need a low voltage transformer from 12 to 36 volts.
Decorate the shore of the pond with pebbles or decorative stones.

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