How to die from HIV

HIV infection most often develops slowly in the body, and an infected person may feel completely normal for a long time. The most severe stage of the HIV disease is AIDS - Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. In this case, the infection progresses rapidly, and the patient's health deteriorates significantly. At the same time, certain measures and proper treatment can prevent AIDS, and a person infected with HIV will live a long time.
HIV leads to the deadly destruction of the central nervous system, both directly and indirectly, caused by various microorganisms. Irreversible damage to the immune system leads to death.
At the AIDS stage, malignant tumors such as Kaposi's sarcoma, melanomas, gliomas, lymphomas and others often occur. Even the most modern therapy does not cope with them, and these complications very quickly lead to a tragic and sudden ending.
The early death of HIV-infected people is due to the fact that they are too late to seek medical help.The risk of dying from HIV increases significantly if a person has another 2-3 associated diseases. In this case, the patient usually begins to cure diseases, unaware that their cause is the immunodeficiency virus. Tuberculosis and hepatitis are concomitant and often fatal.
Doctors recommend screening for HIV every six months or once a year. To find out about the presence or absence of HIV infection, it is enough to pass simple blood tests. If you find out about the presence of the disease at an early stage, the probability of its regression with the help of various methods of therapy increases significantly. In this case, a person can lead a quiet and normal life, without worrying about early death.

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