How to develop patience

Set yourself a goal - do not give up. Go ahead, even if you have something wrong. Try to find a way out of the situation, the main thing is not to give up and repeat to yourself: “I will be able to do this, I will finish this business.” You can proceed to the implementation of the case in several stages, that is, as soon as you feel that patience is no, throw it, but temporarily. Tomorrow try again to bring it to the end.
Immediately tell yourself that the case for which you undertake will not be easy. The mistake of some people lies in the fact that they hope that everything will be easy and go "like clockwork." But when reality, namely problems and difficulties, comprehend them, they lose patience and take a step back.
Constantly motivate yourself, set yourself goals and strive to achieve them. But keep in mind that the source of motivation must be so strong that you do not give yourself a “downhill”. Constantly think about the task.
Do not be upset after the failure. Remember that people learn from mistakes.Analyze your mistakes and continue to try to avoid them.
Find the social circle that will spur you on and push you from time to time. It is very good if the people included in it are experienced as well - thus they will help you, they will prompt you in some situations.
To develop patience, visit yoga and meditation courses. It is there that people are taught stamina, patience and calm.
As soon as you feel ready to quit, stop, give yourself a rest. You can walk in the fresh air, if there is little free time - close your eyes, breathe evenly and calmly, count to ten.
You can also find a hobby that requires patience, such as cross-stitch, drawing, assembly of designers, etc. Be sure to praise yourself for the work done.

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