How to determine the percentage of fat

Use special tables for which content is calculated.fattaking into account gender, weight and age, place of formation of the fold and its thickness. To do this, weigh, measure the thickness of the fat fold (it is better if you measure it not by yourself, but with the help of another person). Comparing the results, evaluate the result.
Determinepercentcontentfatin the body with a special calculator. To do this, measure the weight, waist volume. Fill in the data and get the result.
Use special weights that, in addition to the weight of a person, showpercentcontentfatin organism.
Calculate this indicator using the following formula: M / H ^ 2, where M is body weight (in kilograms), and H is height (in meters). For example, with a height of 180 cm you weigh 80 kg. Using the formula, you will get: 80 / 1.8 ^ 2 = 24.69. The result is slightly less than 24.7, therefore the contentfatyour body does not exceed the norm.But if he exceeded the value of 24.7, it would mean that you are overweight. It is easy to understand that the greater the result (with the same height of 180 cm), the greaterfatfound in humans.
There is another formula for determiningpercentafatin organism. To calculate it, measure the volume of the breast at the most protruding point. After that, at the level of the navel, measure the waist circumference. Next, measure the hips. The resulting waist volume divided by the circumference of the hips. Then again, divide the waist by chest volume. If both results obtained do not exceed 0.85, then the numberfatin the body is normal.
There is a more accurate method for determining the content.fat. This is the so-called "bioelectric analysis". To conduct it, contact the experts. Muscle and fatty tissues provide different resistance to electrical current. A weak current is supplied through electrodes attached to human limbs. The data obtained is processed using tables taking into account gender, age and height. As a result,percentcontentfatin organism.
You can also use special weights that, in addition to the weight of a person, showpercentcontentfatin organism.

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