How to design a turbine: home projects

Remove the largest stepper motor from within a malfunctioning large printer.
Make an adapter that allows you to firmly strengthen the impeller from the fan on the shaft of this engine. Strengthen it with this adapter.
The stepping motor itself is securely fastened on the stand in such a way that its shaft is in a horizontal position.
Connect two diodes to each of the wires coming out of the engine. One of the diodes connect the anode to the wire, the cathode to the positive power bus. Connect the other diode with the cathode to the wire, the anode to the minus power bus. Diodes themselves take calculated for a current of at least 2 A.
Exposethe turbineexposure to wind. Measure the voltage at the output of the rectifier. Shunt the rectifier with a 200 µF electrolytic capacitor rated for a voltage four times the measured one.Observe the polarity when connecting this capacitor.
Connect a pulse stabilizer made by any of the known circuits to the output of the rectifier. Its input voltage must be equal to that taken from the rectifier, and the output voltage to that required.
Install windshieldthe turbinewith a generator in a place where it cannot be exposed to too strong wind (it can destroy it). Ensure that the installation location is protected by a lightning conductor. Also, the location of the turbine should not be people and pets, so that they do not get injured from its destruction in a strong wind.
Connect a pulse to the output of the pulse stabilizer. In its quality, depending on the power of the generator and the voltage at the output of the stabilizer, you can use, for example, an LED lamp, a radio receiver, a mobile phone. Do not use expensive devices as a load, which can be spoiled by the power supply with incorrect parameters (voltage, ripple).

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