How to defrost a refrigerator

The majority of modern refrigerators are equipped with an automatic defrosting system, the so-called “no frost” (“no frost” in translation). But until now, many units are operated without such a function. This is mainly Soviet-era refrigerators. They are very reliable, but require periodic defrosting. This article is intended for owners of such household devices. So, we understand how to defrost the refrigerator.


How to defrost the refrigerator



It should be noted that defrosting the refrigerator procedure is not complicated and does not require special knowledge and skills. Much easier than making a mousetrap. Now we will consider in more detail all the stages, i.e. how to defrost the refrigerator correctly.

  • Freeing the refrigerator from the products. To do this, prepare a place where they will be temporarily stored.
  • Disconnect the refrigerator from the mains.
  • On the upper and lower shelf you need to put the tank to collect water. It can be basins or wide pans.
  • Then you can do other things.The ice will melt without the active participation of the hostess.
  • It is worth paying attention to the fact that water will drip from the refrigerator onto the floor. It is necessary to prepare rags in advance, and from time to time to collect it.
  • After all the ice has melted, coxae are removed. Then wipe the refrigerator dry with a cloth and treat with disinfectant solution. It can be a mixture of water with soda, detergent or alcohol.
  • Put the food back in the refrigerator and turn it on.


How to quickly defrost the refrigerator



With the question of how to properly defrost the refrigerator, you figured out. But this procedure takes a long time. Products, especially in summer, may deteriorate. You can speed up the whole process of defrosting. Let's see how quickly to defrost the refrigerator.

To speed up the process of defrosting the refrigerator, you can use a cosmetic dryer. The flow of warm air will quickly defrost the ice in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator. But this method requires active participation in the process. And time is often not enough. There is another way. Pour warm water into some containers and refrigerate.Increasing the temperature in the appliance chamber will significantly increase the defrosting time.

But do not forget to disconnect the refrigerator from the mains. Rules for the safe operation of electrical appliances must be observed.


How often do I need to defrost the refrigerator



Some readers of the site Answer as they ask if you need to defrost a refrigerator at all? Of course yes.

Refrigerator after defrosting

Refrigerator after defrosting

Any refrigerator should be defrosted periodically. In winter, one defrost is enough in 5 ... 6 months. In summer, this procedure should be repeated every 2 ... 3 months. There should not be a lot of frost and ice in the freezer.

Refrigerators with automatic defrosting should be subjected to such a procedure at least once a year. This is done so that you can wipe and disinfect the internal cavity of the refrigerator.

And with the question of how often you need to defrost the fridge, you figure it out. If some points are not clear, then set them in the comments. You will get the answers to them quickly and efficiently.

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