How to decorate gloves

You will need
  • fabric gloves, piece of elastic fabric, accessories, piece of chalk or marker, threads, needle, textile glue
Take plain gloves made of thin fabric, matching in color to the rest of the ensemble. The length of the gloves is determined based on the length of the sleeve - the longer the sleeve, the shorter the gloves. Long operetta gloves are worn with a sleeveless dress. Choose the necessary accessories - these can be buckles, rhinestones, beads, beads, thin satin ribbon, and also chains of various colors and textures. In addition, gloves can be decorated with appliqué pieces of leather and fur.
Put the glove on the white paper and trace the outline. Pick up an elastic fabric to match the gloves or contrast. Pay attention to the fact that the fabric does not "fall" on the edges. Cut out the two “mirror” workpieces. Draw a pattern for the elements on the paper pattern. Mark the place of attachment, pay attention to small details.
Sew on each piece of fabric beads, rhinestones or satin ribbon in accordance with a pre-selected scheme.To maintain symmetry, follow the following sequence of work - having fixed one element on one of the parts, immediately fix the similar element on the second part. Having finished decorating the cut parts, glue them to the gloves with special textile glue.

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