How to deal with nightmares

So, I suggest to talk about nightmares.

Scientists believe that the nightmare itself lasts one or two minutes and after that the person cannot sleep for about half an hour, and in the morning he remembers the dream only partially.

Causes of nightmares:

  • temporary fear, situational anxiety;
  • post-traumatic stress disorder (occurs after a serious psychological trauma);
  • unprocessed child-teenage fears;
  • chronic conflicts (for example, with colleagues);
  • medications (some medications, usually antidepressants or sleeping pills, sometimes cause the opposite effect: instead of calming a person sees nightmares. If you observe this, consult a doctor);
  • increased body temperature (for example, as a result of influenza, acute respiratory viral infections, fever; in this case, drugs are needed to reduce the temperature, otherwise the patient will not rest, which will delay recovery).

How to deal with nightmares

What are nightmares for?

  • To point us to physiological problems.

If the room is comfortable for sleeping, but you still have nightmares, your body may be signaling problems.For example, if in a dream you have difficulty breathing, you have an excessive heartbeat, or if you see injuries in one place at the same place, you should consult a doctor.

  • To point out psychological problems and even tell us what to do with them.

Tip 1. "What are you watching? Act! "

Sleep is a conversation of consciousness with the subconscious. And through the subconscious we can learn all the problems and questions that torment us. Sleep helps this. For example, if you see in your dream that you are being thrown into the water, it’s time to study the fear of water or learn to swim. If your first love visits you in a dream, at first everything is fine with you, and then something terrible, unpleasant, sad happens - it's time to complete the gestalt and understand: this person has long left you. Release him, finally, from his soul - let him go in peace.

Tip 2."I'm not as scary as you think"

Many dreams show us the stories that have happened to us, but in a very exaggerated form. For example, a person has to speak to a large audience, and he is extremely afraid of this. In a dream, he can see himself as an unskillful speaker, and listeners - scary monsters, spewing flames, climbing onto the stage for reprisals.Having experienced a lot of various indescribable fears in a dream, a person will become easier to relate to the everyday situation, where you have to speak to ordinary people.

How to deal with nightmares

How to cope with nightmares

The first thing to do is to visit a doctor, because, as we said above, nightmares can be the result of somatic diseases.

Also examine the place of your sleep. From the point of view of bioenergy, the head of the sleeper should not be directed into a corner, because the corners absorb the energy of the person. Sleepers in the corner do not get enough sleep, suffer from headaches, often get sick and experience fatigue. Pull the bed out of the corner and place it a meter away from it. If you have nowhere to move, you can lay your feet in a corner.

According to Feng Shui, you should sleep with your head to the east, because it is the focus of the mind and the spiritual beginning.

Rate your bedroom decor. Is there anything aggressive in it? For example, paintings depicting violence, natural disasters, wild animals. Remove the pictures that you really didn’t like. Remove the figurines and souvenirs that scare you, strain you, or simply dislike for inexplicable reasons.

Move the furniture so that the room has less sharp corners and more smooth lines.

Be sure to well ventilate the room before going to bed. If there are those who prevent you from doing this, they are supposedly afraid of catching cold, let them come out and sit in another room. Do not go on about them!

Follow the food. Do not eat fatty and spicy foods before bedtime, have dinner three hours before bedtime. But a glass of milk with honey will calm the nervous system and help you fall asleep faster.

Do not watch bedtime aggressive programs, action films and horror movies. The same applies to rhythmic music and computer games. It is better to walk before bedtime at least half an hour. You can even stand on the balcony, if you really do not want to go outside.

How to act if the dream is a nightmare

You can control your sleep by yourself. To begin with, if you dream of a scary plot, try to remember this phrase: “This is unreal — it means I am sleeping” —and try to wake up, with an effort to open your eyes. It helps me personally. Ventilate the room, go for a drink, change the blanket to less hot.

Then you can give yourself a task more difficult - to change the plot. And humor and surprise help best.For example, you see monsters flying around the room - ask them to fix the cabinet. Or do you see yourself in a dream about to fall into the abyss - look aside who sits there in the bushes? Hedgehog? Go to him and feed him with milk. In a dream, everything is possible, right?

How to deal with nightmares

Do not be afraid to look at the fear in your face. Sometimes the subconscious mind specifically draws our attention to it. What does your fear look like? Take a look. Maybe this is a gray-haired old man, and he is not at all evil, but rather strict? Or is your fear a small child seeking protection? Look also at the objects that surround the image, people, animals. Consider everything carefully, as if you are a strict film critic. And appreciate the movie that you show. What will be his rating on "Kinopoisk"? Moving the focus of attention not only does not relieve the degree of tension, but also generally removes the nightmare itself. Why? You have already examined it so thoroughly that the subconscious will not have a reason to show you this film again.

I wish you only good and joyful dreams!

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