How to deal with mothers who do not look after children

They are touched by anyone, even the most disgusting trick of their child. Or do not pay attention to him, picking on the phone.

Immediately for clarity: I am not against the children, the mother herself is a daughter. With her, I went through all the stages of growing up a child: from the first cry to the first session. More precisely, now to the second. But I still cannot say that I understand the logic and psychology of some moms.

No, I'm not talking about those semi-mythical figures whose stories about impudence are full of forums and social networks. I'm about quite earthly women.

Recently, a video was discussed on the Internet, as a child in a community center dropped a sculpture and smashed it. The video from the video camera was visible: the boy didn’t just accidentally hit the bust, he consciously and purposefully twisted it, trying to move it off the pedestal. Well, he did it.

Although the work of art was not from world masterpieces, it is impossible to approach those, but from the works of modern masters, it still cost a lot.132 thousand dollars. The child’s mother refused to pay damages. “Well, you attacked him, he's just a little boy, he’s a child!” Her position did not arouse sympathy. After all, if she was near, what prevented her from preventing the incident? Too busy to look after your son? This is what you can be busy coming to a public place with children?

This foal is a trend that is much worse than yazmateri. You are sitting on the beach, and someone’s son throws you with sand (splashes water from head to toe, shoots you with a slingshot, pulls your daughter with a scythe - you need to paste it)? Let's laugh, #that the pot plays, mi-mi-mi. Kicked the dog, pulled the cat's tail? So this is just a cat, and the baby - # is the foal. He drove into an elderly neighbor on a bicycle? So a kid’s bike, it’s not painful at all that you start, #that the baby. Jumps on the floor so that you have a chandelier swinging? What are you inventing, is this the baby, as if they were not children themselves.

“They value nothing, they do not know how to sympathize, empathize, they are evil, callous and selfish,” say adults about teenagers who have grown out of young people. And prohibit the Internet, because all the evil is from him.It is not at all because their own parental value system is built in such a way that, apart from the egoist and the infantile, no one can grow in it. Their picture of the world is a child in the center, around are some background characters who should admire their child.

From the fish eyes of parents who see the world like this, it becomes scary. They do not see or hear anything. They don't even think about self-preservation. Once on the spot non-conflict young ladies, who just shake off the sand from the head and leave, it will be extremely unsympathetic man, brought up by the same "fish". Is he ashamed to give a strong cuff to the naughty boy? Hardly. And the minimum that he will do with the mother, the kite who has rushed to the defense of this “stallion,” will cover with a mat.

The result is a clash of two infantils who imagine themselves the navels of the earth. And what will happen when such a "navel" goes to school? There are plenty of them there.

No, I do not urge to fight with the hands of men with the help of battering. I would very much like parents to remember that their children are cute and dear only to themselves. Therefore, please watch your offspring. No one is obliged to love them. And you too.

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