How to cut a car?

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How to cut a car?

Kare is a very popular haircut, this is due to the fact that it has a lot of fashionable modifications, and goes to most women, with any type of hair. In this article we will talk about how to cut a car.

Types of squares along the length of the haircut:

  • Classic, hair length slightly below the earlobe.
  • The average hair length reaches the level of the chin.
  • Long, with this haircut hair can reach the shoulders.

Haircuts will require: good scissors, a comb with a sharp end, hair clips, a spray bottle for wetting hair.

Instructions: how to cut a bob - bob

This version of the haircut can be used as the basis for all other types of caret. Before starting a haircut, make sure that the hair is clean and moisten it.

  • First you need to divide the hair into zones, and fasten each of them with a hair clip. The boundaries of the zones should be clear and even. First, divide the hair into two parts, parting from the middle of the forehead to the middle of the neck. Then separate the parietal zone from the occipital, making a parting from ear to ear through the crown. And the last parting will take place from ear to ear at the end of hair growth at the temples.
  • We start the haircut from the lower occipital zone.To do this, we make a control strand that will be equal to the desired length of the caret, cutting off the extreme strand of hair about a centimeter thick. The cut should be flat and horizontal. Before you cut, strands must be carefully combed.
  • Using the method of graduation, we continue to cut the occipital zone. To do this, select the parallel control strands, retract them 15-20 � from the neck and cut along the length of the control strand. This will ensure that the strands twist inward, which will make the square more voluminous.
  • Next, proceed to the parietal zone. We also cut, starting from the bottom, only we strand the strands perpendicularly to the growth of hair on the back of the head, the length, as before, is leveled by the control strand. At this stage, you should check whether the length of the hair on the right and left side.
  • Next, proceed to the temporal lateral zones. We cut the lower strand, on a flat line, thus continuing the lower control strand of the occipital zone. We continue the graduation.
  • At the completion of all the above steps, combing the entire haircut and seeing its symmetry, correcting flaws, if any. And proceed to the bangs, if you need it.To do this, select the outer strand in the area of the forehead and cut the bangs of the required length and model (oblique, torn, straight). You can also apply a graduation or thinning to a bang.

Now we will tell about the features of the hairstyle varieties square.

How to cut a bob on lengthening

To get a square with elongated strands in the face, it is necessary, after you have finished with the occipital zone, to cut strands of the parietal and temporal zones along the length of the control strand, pulling them to the face towards the first parting. In this case, the smaller the angle between the strand and the parting, the brighter will be the elongation. Or there is another method, make the continuation of the control strand of the neck, so as to get the desired bevel.

Kare on a leg: how to cut

With this type of caret, the haircut of the lower occipital part is shorter than in the classical one, and the rest of the hair is sheared with elongation to the chin. It turns out that the hair on the back of the head is shorter, and their length increases with the approach to the face.

If you still have questions, take a look to clearly understand how to cut a car - video.

In addition to the described types of car, there are also very creative haircuts, for example, asymmetric carriages.What your car will be like depends only on your imagination, because now you know how to cut the car and what you need for that. Finally, it should be noted that when cutting hair, it should be remembered that the strands should not be strongly tightened, because this may not have the effect of clear and smooth lines, because the hair in a relaxed state will go differently. And when choosing the length of the haircut and bangs, remember that when the hair dries, they rise, and the haircut will be slightly shorter.

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