How to cure acne on the face

������Acne in adolescents most often occurs due to hormonal adjustment. Growing up, the body begins to produce more sweat, its composition changes, and the sebaceous glands do not cope with their task. They are clogged, tiny holes are blocked, which creates a favorable environment for the reproduction of bacteria. Inflamed areas are formed, acne with pus inside. You can fight them in several ways that are best combined.
Facial care should start with reducing the oily skin. For this perfect alcohol-based lotions. Wipe their face twice a day, be sure to use a clean cotton pad. If the skin on the face is combined, and there are dry areas, then apply the lotion only on the inflamed areas.
The second thing to take care of is uncapping the pores. With these not bad cope various scrubs. But they can only be used to eliminate black dots. Apply scrub to inflamed skin, acne in any case impossible.After this procedure, the pathogenic bacteria spread over the entire surface of the skin, and acne will only get more. Inflamed areas need to be treated with a steam bath. For this, one and a half to two liters of water is poured into the pot, the herbs are brewed - chamomile, a train, celandine. They will help reduce inflammation and reduce oily skin. Herbs should be allowed to stand for ten to fifteen minutes. After that, the head should be tilted over the pan and cover with a towel. Wait ten minutes. The pores will open, and acne can be easily squeezed out. It is necessary to remove only those that easily go. If the purulent pouch ruptures inside when extruded, the infection spreads to the entire area of skin around. After the pimple is removed, this place should be wiped with alcohol lotion.In the event that acne is very much, you should not risk self-cleaning. It is better to turn to a beautician.
Various masks, which contain clay and zinc, help eliminate inflammation. You can make them yourself. In the pharmacy, purchase dry blue or white clay, dilute it with decoction of chamomile, succession, celandine, add a little hydrogen peroxide and talc.These ingredients will help to deal with the bacteria that affect the formation of acne. You need to make such masks two or three times a week. Keep the mixture on the face until dry, then rinse with warm water.Instead of alcohol lotion, you can use fresh aloe leaf. To do this, cut a thick leaf from the stem and gently, using a knife, divide it in half. Pulp rub the inflamed skin.
The third thing to remember is proper nutrition. Fatty food, as well as fast food and products containing chemical additives and flavor enhancers - chips, sweet soda, colorful pills, etc., have a negative effect on the skin. The number of acne increases, they often have an allergic nature. That is, they need to be treated with antihistamine drugs - gels and ointments.
In adulthood, a metabolic disorder can also cause an increase in the amount of sebum, which also causes acne. If a person is more than twenty-five years old, such hormonal jumps can talk about serious health problems. Be sure to consult with an endocrinologist.He will prescribe treatment - pills, ointments, powders. At the same time you should visit a dermatologist. Since only a comprehensive treatment will help fix the problem forever.

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