How to creatively design pastries and impress guests with their culinary masterpieces!

This post contains the most interesting ideas for baking (and even some tips for decorating). Choose what you cook this weekend!

1. Openwork biscuits with apples

Roll out the dough and cut it as shown below. Add grated apples and wrap.

2. Button-shaped cookies

A usual lid from a plastic bottle and a tube is created with crispy buttons.

3. Cookies in the form of bunnies

Using scissors, cut the balls from the dough, as shown in the picture. Ears are ready! And then make a match hare eyes.
4. Puff pastry flowers with jam

In prunes cut from the dough, put the prunes, protect them and cut them, as indicated. Roasting in already boiling oil. Decorate with jam.


5. Rose Pie

Do you still think that the tasty yummy is difficult to cook? Just divide the dough into 8 parts, roll it, make butter with jam or honey, turn the rolls and follow the picture.


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