How to cope with laziness: the advice of psychologists

Causes.First, let's think about what laziness is. Lack of motivation, fear of failure, fatigue, nervous exhaustion and much more can be brought under this concept. If you suspect yourself of prolonged inactivity, think about what caused it. Conduct an internal frank dialogue. Perhaps you really need a rest. Just do not tighten it, otherwise it will tighten you.

Motivation.Now find something important and durable that you can call goal and motivation. For example, you want to lose weight, but do not go to the gym, do not run in the morning, do not watch your diet. Ask yourself why you need to lose weight. And then honestly answer it. Everyone has their own motives: a loved one, health, desired work, etc. When you clearly realize that the game is worth the candle, things will get off the ground.

PlansIn their dreams, anyone can go very far. But the closer to reality, the stronger the disappointment.Suppose you planned to learn five languages ​​in five years, but you are still trying to master one. Analyzing the present situation, you fall into despondency, lose interest and again find yourself in the power of laziness. Don't plan far. Walk in small steps towards a big target. In order not to be disappointed in yourself, adequately assess your capabilities and time.

Reward. What makes many people go to work? That's right, pay. With its help, a person can satisfy his basic needs and just live. When you do not want to cook for the whole family, you apply to special services and order pizza, sushi and so on. If this happens once a month, then scary. And if it becomes a habit, insulting. Think what reward awaits you, if you yourself take up the cause? Health and gratitude of family, saving the budget, the development of culinary tastes and abilities ... It seems that it is nice and valuable!

Nervous recovery.Often we are overcome with laziness because we are simply exhausted. Daily worries, monotony, stress, protracted conflicts - all this leads to chronic fatigue.A person sleeps for 8 hours, but does not get enough sleep, eats tasty food, but does not get pleasure. Gradually, he simply becomes lazy to walk, take care of himself, etc. It is necessary to change the oppressive situation, work, or just temporarily free yourself from household duties. Get creative, volunteer at a charity organization, get a pet, strive for new acquaintances ... You should feel useful and interesting in this world.

Distractions.A lazy person can often be found reading anecdotes, playing computer games, watching TV, frequent and long-term social media, etc. You can take a step towards success by rejecting all distractions. If you spend a long time for such stupid exercises, then it's time to change something. Try to replace jokes with an artistic novel, and social networks to meet friends or work colleagues.

Good thoughts.Do not focus on conflicts with relatives and reprimands from superiors. After all, you can think about this another time. In the meantime, be engaged in useful work, work or creativity.

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