How to cope with jealousy in a relationship

Of course, no one says that there is no need to be jealous, just jealousy must be healthy. If one person is endlessly jealous of another, then it is necessary to think about whether such relations are necessary at all.

Jealous of a loved one, a person brings to exhaustion and emotional exhaustion not only himself, but also a partner. Therefore, you need to learn how to control your emotions and not splash them into a soul mate at the first opportunity. It�s easier to destroy than to build; you need to always remember this

If the relationship is healthy jealousy, then it is useful, because it "warms up" the relationship. But if this feeling goes beyond the boundaries, then something needs to be done about it. Jealousy, a feeling that does not like silence. No need to sit and be silent, you should talk to your loved one and tell about your experiences. He, in turn, will confirm or deny this. In any case, both are always to blame in a relationship and the situation must be learned to be solved together.If the couple can not cope with this problem on their own, then it is better to contact a psychologist.

Very often, banal self-doubt is hidden behind jealousy. That is, there are no reasons as such for concern and distrust of the partner. Just a person is not confident and afraid of losing a soul mate. In such situations, you should work on yourself and, above all, on your attitude towards yourself.

Relationships should please and be carefree, they should not bring grief and suffering. You just need to learn to trust, because trust is the key to a long and happy life.

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