How to cook tomato caviar for the winter - photo recipe

How to cook tomato caviar for the winter - photo recipe

How to cook tomato caviar for the winter - photo recipe

Autumn sometimes comes to us unexpectedly, and at this time there are often night frosts. And the bushes of tomatoes are still hung with green tomatoes. There are some fruits that turn a little red, and they were caught by the first frost.


This is the most offensive thing - after all, it is impossible to eat, and it is a pity to throw it away. In this case, a useful recipe for cooking caviar from tomatoes. True, it will not do without buying red tomatoes.


Caviar from tomatoes - recipe number 1


This dish is very simple to prepare. You will need green tomatoes (1kg), red tomatoes (0.5 kg), onions (2 small heads), pepper, salt, vegetable oil (50 grams), sugar, greens, bay leaf to taste.


First of all, you need to thoroughly wash the green tomatoes. Then bake them in the oven, then cool. When they are cool, tomatoes need to scroll in a meat grinder. Then clean the onions, cut them into thin rings,fry until golden brown in vegetable oil, and add to the minced tomato, add allspice and mix well.


We will need ripe green tomatoes for making the sauce. First, you need to cook red tomatoes, putting in a saucepan with water. When the juice appears, the liquid will have to be drained, and the rest will continue to boil until the contents of the pan are about three times as compared with the original volume. The resulting mass is pounded through a sieve, it is necessary to separate the skin and seeds. The resulting mass should be mixed with the juice that you poured during cooking, and boil for twenty minutes, trying to stir constantly. When cooking will be completed, add pepper, bay leaf, salt and sugar to the pan to taste.


The finished mass, prepared from green tomatoes, can be decomposed into prepared clean cans, but do not fill the jars to the brim, because you will need to pour red tomato sauce up. Cover these jars with lids and sterilize for about forty minutes. After sterilization, the caps can be screwed on and left to cool.


This recipe for tomato roe is popular with many people, since it is extremely simple to prepare, and the final product has an excellent taste. To store eggs, it is best to use a refrigerator to store eggs for the whole winter. Her savory taste is very diverse your winter menu. You can simply spread caviar on bread.


Caviar from tomatoes - recipe number 2


In order to cook this unusual dish, you will need to prepare 4 kg of green tomatoes, one kilogram of onions, 1 kg of carrots, any pepper 0.5 kg, 300 grams of parsley root.


First of all, you need to thoroughly wash all the vegetables that we need for cooking caviar, clean them, then proceed to harvesting. Tomatoes should be cut into circles, carrots and peppers cut into strips, parsley root can be grated or cut into rings. Then mix everything and add half a glass of salt. This mixture should be infused for about 10 to 12 hours. The resulting brine will need to be drained.


Then you need to add a glass of sugar, 5 pieces of bay pepper, 20 peas of black pepper, 10 pieces of cloves, 300 grams of vegetable oil. This resulting mixture will have to be stewed for about an hour over low heat. Do not forget to stir throughout the process of quenching.


After the extinguishing process is complete, you need to decompose the mixture into glass jars and roll them up. Sterilization of cans with this recipe is not necessary, but it is very important to thoroughly process them and their lids before the seaming begins.


Having done everything correctly, you will get a wonderful caviar of uniform consistency and a pleasant sweet-sour taste, which you will enjoy all winter.

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