How to cook perfect semolina porridge?

Many people like semolina, especially children. But if there are lumps in it, then the taste gets worse. Is it possible to cook the perfect semolina porridge? You can, if you know some rules and tricks.

How to cook delicious baby porridge?

How to cook semolina for a child? To get started, prepare all the necessary ingredients:

  • one glass of milk;
  • one tablespoon (with a slide) of semolina;
  • one teaspoon of sugar;
  • one pinch of salt;
  • butter to taste.

Cooking method:

  1. In the pot, pour the milk, put on a slow fire and bring to a boil.
  2. Add sugar and salt, stir well.
  3. After the boil of milk gradually add semolina, while actively stirring the milk with a spoon.
  4. Keep the pot on the fire until the semolina is cooked and swollen.
  5. Add butter to the finished porridge, mix everything well and serve.

How to cook porridge for adults?

In principle, "adult" semolina porridge can be cooked in the same way as a nursery.But there is a more original recipe that will give the dish an interesting taste. Here's what you need to prepare:

  • two glasses of milk;
  • three tablespoons of semolina;
  • tablespoon of sugar;
  • a third of a teaspoon of salt;
  • 30 grams of butter.

Cooking method:

  1. Take a small saucepan with a thick bottom, heat the oil in it.
  2. Pour the semolina, fry it in butter for literally two minutes.
  3. Now begin to pour in a thin stream of milk, while constantly and very vigorously stir the composition.
  4. Bring the mixture to a boil and leave on the fire for just a couple of minutes so that the semolina soaks up the milk.
  5. Done!


It would seem that the recipe for semolina porridge is incredibly understandable and simple. But for some reason this dish turns out to be far from ideal for everyone. What's the matter? There are some tricks and rules. Let's tell about them in more detail.

How to achieve the ideal consistency?

How to make semolina porridge tender and delicious? Advice:

  • Be sure to observe the proportions given in the recipe. So, to get quite a liquid cereal per glass of milk usually requires only one tablespoon of cereal.If you want a thick manga, you can increase the amount of cereal, but slightly (half or a whole tablespoon). If you add too much semolina, the porridge will be very thick.
  • During cooking, stir gruel constantly so that the semolina absorbs milk better.
  • It is also important how much time porridge is cooked. If you digest it, it will turn out very thick due to evaporation of milk, and it may also get an unpleasant taste. After boiling the milk, with the added croup, should not take more than 5-7 minutes. During this time, semolina will have time to absorb as much milk as possible, and at the same time it will not evaporate.

What can I do to prevent lumps?

Komochki is the most common problem that arises when cooking porridge. But it can be avoided if you follow a few rules:

  • First of all, add the semolina gradually, in a thin stream. If you add the entire volume at once, then the grains trapped in the hot milk almost immediately form one lump, which will be very, very difficult to divide.
  • It is equally important to constantly stir the porridge after adding the cereal, it will also avoid clumping and achieve the perfect consistency.
  • If the lumps are still formed, then you can cheat a little. The porridge, ready-made and just removed from the fire, can be whipped with a mixer or a whisk, this will make it possible to break even hot lumps. Before such a procedure, you can add butter to the porridge or even a little hot milk so that the lumps dissolve faster.
  • Try to mix semolina with salt and sugar and pour ready mixture into boiling milk. It turns out that the crystals of sugar and salt mixed with grains of semolina and thus will not allow them to stick together with each other.

How to avoid burning?

Everyone knows that milk burns very quickly, even if it is constantly stirred. And with the addition of cereals, the risk of burning only increases. But adherence to some recommendations will prevent such a nuisance.

Useful tips:

  • To avoid burning, you can dilute the milk with water, which, by the way, will make the porridge more liquid and light. The proportions may be different, it all depends on your personal preferences. So, you can mix one part of the milk with one part of the water. But you can add a little more milk, it will make the taste of the dish more saturated.And to make porridge practically dietary, mix one part of milk and two parts of water. But in any case, the milk should be present, as the semolina on the water can turn out almost tasteless.
  • It is important to choose the right pot. It should have a thick bottom, which will heat up evenly, but it will not heat up to critical temperatures and, what's more, it will not heat up, unlike thin ones.
  • It is necessary to cook over low heat, in this case the milk will be warmed evenly and will not burn to the bottom of the tank. If the fire is added, then the milk and grains of semolina, which were at the bottom, will burn almost immediately.
  • Rinse the pan with cold water, it will cool it. And the thin film of water remaining on the surface will not allow the milk to burn. You can also do otherwise. Just pre-pour into the pan one or two tablespoons of ice-cold water. And you can just put a piece of ice.

How to make porridge tasty?

What to do if the child does not want to have an ordinary semolina? You can cook a more original and tasty porridge, which will definitely please the most fastidious little gourmet.

Some tips:

  • In the finished porridge, you can add a little vanilla, it will give an appetizing flavor.
  • Add fruits, berries or dried fruits to the finished dish.
  • You can decorate the porridge, for example, the same berries or pieces of fruit.
  • You can not add sugar, but in the finished semolina put a little honey or jam. For decoration, place a spoonful of jam in the middle and make an unusual pattern with a spoon.

Bon appetit to you and your child!

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