How to cook the land for seedlings

In the spring, in order to quickly mix up suitable land for some kind of planting, it is necessary to prepare soil mixtures even in summer. To do this, take a few durable bags and pour the prepared mixture into them. And in the spring you should only take the right amount of land from each package and plant vegetables in it.

What mixtures should be prepared?

The basis of all mixtures will be sod land, so it is precisely this that needs to be harvested in such quantity that it is enough for the whole seedling. The remaining mixtures are organic additives that are added to nourish and loosen.

  • Sodland will be the basis for any seedlings. In its pure form, it is suitable for cabbage and flowers. Prepare it easy. The best land will be in the meadows, where clover, beans or perennial grasses grow predominantly. Using a shovel, remove the 10 cm layer of sod in the quantity you need, put it in a box and cover it with a dark film. After a few weeks, dig up the turf ground, remove the remaining roots.Put the clean and unobstructed soil in a dark package, moisten a little and put on the balcony until spring. Soddy earth is dense, so it is diluted for seedlings with sawdust or sand in a ratio of 7: 2.

  • Peat is a sterile and light soil that holds water well. For soil mix, add one glass of wood ash to a bucket of peat. All this is folded in a bag and moistened with a solution. The solution is prepared easily: pour a glass of mullein and half a teaspoon of copper sulfate with 3 liters of water. Pour it slowly so that the peat is well soaked. Do not overdo it. The benefits of excessively wet peat are the same as zero, as well as dry. Package close and store it in a warm place.

  • Humus is vegetable and dung. This type of soil mixture is rich in organic matter and beneficial microbes. For vegetable crops, it is applied up to 8 kg per 1 m². you can pack it in front of the cold weather and take it out to the balcony.

  • Small sawdust needed to loosen the turf land. But you need to prepare them correctly so that there is a benefit. To do this, pour 10 kg of sawdust 3 liters of water, which added a couple of tablespoons of urea. After two hours, add a glass of ash to this mixture and pack it in a plastic bag. In the spring it can be mixed with peat.

  • Sand, but not from the yard.Sand from a children's sandbox is absolutely no good. Best suited river, large, bright. Career sand must be washed well.

  • Eggshell will be very useful for seedlings and plants. It reduces the acidity of the soil. To add to the earthy mixture it needs to be crushed. The shell of boiled eggs is better to throw in the compost, in the ground from it will no longer be good. Fresh shells are especially suitable for cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes.

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