How to cook fish in a slow cooker

Thursday - fish day? So it was only in the Soviet canteens! Fish is light food, rich in vitamins, therefore it is indicated both for adults and children, therefore it can be eaten at least daily. However, fried fish can not be called the perfect example of a healthy diet. Much healthier to cook it for a couple. If you have a slow cooker, the problem is solved. Fish in a slow cooker is easy, fast and convenient, and most importantly - with this method of cooking, a maximum of useful substances is preserved.
fish in the slow cooker
Steamed fish, you can not even add salt, and already in finished form to fill with soy sauce
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Fish in the crock-pot is a tasty and quite dietary dish, from which the whole family will be delighted.

How to cook fish in a slow cooker?

The most elementary way is to put it in a double boiler and set the appropriate cooking mode. For 25 minutes the dish will be ready. Moreover, the fish steamed can not even add salt, and already in finished form, fill with soy sauce.

You can cook baked or stewed fish in a slow cooker by setting the desired cooking temperature and adding the required amount of liquid.

The mass of options, just show imagination. Put the fish, greased with a mixture of sour cream, salt and ground pepper in a container, greased with vegetable oil, add to the same any vegetables that you have, previously chopped finely. Pour with salted whipped mixture of eggs and sour cream and set the mode of extinguishing. This is one of the easiest and most popular recipes for cooking fish in a slow cooker.

Among popular recipes for the multicooker is a potato-fish casserole. Put the bottom of a greased bowl of sliced potatoes. Cut the prepared fish into pieces, place it on top of the potatoes, salt and pepper. �Cover� onion rings with its, smear with sour cream on top. The last, top layer is grated cheese. Select baking mode, waiting for the dish to be ready in about three quarters of an hour.

We guarantee that your fish in the slow cooker will turn out just as beautiful and appetizing as in the photo on the Internet. You may be able to add your unique fish recipe in a slow cooker to someone�s culinary piggy bank.

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