How to cook apricots in syrup for the winter with sugar - photo recipe

How to cook apricots in syrup

How to cook apricots in syrup?

Apricots are not easy to keep fresh, as these fruits are stored very long. One of the best ways to prepare apricots for the winter is to cook them in syrup with sugar. We give the recipes of such preparations below, and the general principle of canning is as follows: syrup is prepared from sugar and mixed with the prepared apricots.


How to cook apricots for the winter


Ingredients: apricots, 4-5 tablespoons of sugar for each liter jar, water.
1. Fruits are well washed, we remove a bone in each apricot and divide the fruit into two equal parts.
2. We put the apricots in clean jars.
3. Pour sugar in each jar (if you wish, you can add a little more sugar in each jar).
4. Fill the cans with cold water so that the apricots are completely in it.
5. Put the jars in the pot and do the sterilization for about 20 minutes, then roll up, turn the jars upside down, covered with towels or a blanket.


Apricots in syrup. Recipe number 2


The composition of products per 1 liter jar: apricots - 700-800 grams, sugar - 400-500 grams., 1 liter of water.


Wash the pot well, add a little boiling water to it and drain it immediately. All apricots cut in half and remove the bones. Now you need to put the apricots in a jar so that the half adjoins the other half. In any case, the fruit should be placed as tightly as possible in the jar at the very neck.


Bring the water to a boil, pour the jars of apricots and close the lids. After 10-12 minutes, pour all the water into the pan and pour sugar into this water. The resulting syrup should be brought to a boiling state. Add the syrup to the topmost level in the jar and roll it over with a clean sterile cap. All that is left is to wrap the jar, turning it with the lid down and wait for complete cooling.


Apricots with sugar - recipe number 3


Ingredients: 1 kg of apricots - a liter of water and 2 cups of granulated sugar.


Preparation: to make canned apricots, choose only ripe fruits. Apricots should be well washed and remove excess water from them. Next, cut each fruit into 2 halves, taking out the stone. Before conservation, sterilize the cans and put apricots in them (they should be tightly tamped with the cans).Now let's do the preparation of sugar syrup: add sugar to the water, bring to a boiling state and cook for about one more minute.

Pour the apricots on two thirds of each jar with boiling water. This is done so as to leave space, since the apricots themselves secrete juice after pouring boiling water. Banks are covered with lids (also pre-sterilized, like cans) and put in a saucepan with warm water.


How to cook apricots in syrup


Now you need to bring to the boiling point the water in the pan and simmer on a slow fire banks: liter - 11-12 minutes, half-liter - 8-10 minutes. Usually there is no space left in the jars - everything is filled with syrup and apricots, but if there is a place, then you need to pour a little more boiling syrup. Turn the jars upside down and leave until they cool down. Store in a dark and cool place.


Recipe number 4


Ingredients: ripe, dense apricots, sugar.


Preparation: take ripe apricots and remove the bones in them, and place the fruits in a large bowl (a huge cup or bucket). Pour apricots with sugar in a small amount, mix a little and put in a refrigerator for a couple of hours.During this time, apricots will empty the juice, and the sugar will dissolve.


After the apricots are ripe, take the cup out of the fridge, place the apricots in the cans and pour the syrup, which is the result of adding sugar. Cover the jars with lids and sterilize for approximately 15-20 minutes. Close the banks, set to cool. You can taste the apricots in syrup in a few days.

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