How to connect free sms to MTS

How to connect free sms to MTSAs you know, buying something in bulk is always cheaper. This rule applies not only to tangible goods, but also for mobile services. One of the leading mobile phone operators MTS offers its customers a service thanks to which they can significantly save money spent on telephone communication.

This service includes various packages of SMS messages, paying for which one time, you can send messages to your friends almost in vain. In this article we will explain how to connect free sms to MTS.
This mobile operator provides its subscribers with a choice of several SMS packages. Below we consider them in more detail.

Periodic packages: Feature of the service

In the event that you use mobile messages as the main means of conveying information to your friends and relatives, for you it is meaningful to connect a large number of messages at a reduced price.The essence of the periodic package is that you are given a specific amount of SMS, which you can spend for a certain period. After a set time, this service is automatically extended, and the indicated fee is removed from your account.How to connect free sms to MTS

Thanks to this service, you can choose the most appropriate number of messages. Among the periodic packages there are sets of 50, 100, 300, 500 and 1000 sms. It should be noted that the more messages contained in one package, the cheaper you will cost the cost of one particular message.

This service can be used by all subscribers, except corporate clients. This service is provided monthly until you, if desired, do not turn it off. Another feature of the service: if in the allotted time period you do not have time to use all the messages, the rest is burned.

Package connection

How to connect free sms to MTSYou can use this service in 3 ways:

  1. Log in via the Internet to the official website of the MTS company, register there and use the “Internet Assistant” application to complete the task.
  2. Send a message with a certain combination of numbers to 111 short number.It will directly depend on the number of SMS you want to receive. So, to activate 50 messages, you need to dial in the body of the message: 050. To receive 100 sms, send a message with the text: 0100 to the number 111. In general, in the message you need to dial the number "0" and after it indicate the number of SMS you need.
  3. The third way to activate the service is to type a certain combination on the keyboard and press the call button. For example, to receive 500 sms, dial on the phone: * 111 * 050 #. The principle here is the same as in the previous case. The numbers after the asterisk indicate the number of messages you need.


One-time SMS packages

The essence of this service is almost no different from the above. The only difference is that this package of messages is provided to the subscriber one time and after the expiration of its validity period the service is not extended.How to connect free sms to MTS

The easiest way to activate a one-time package is using a USSD request sent from your phone. If you want to receive 50 sms, type the following combination on the device keyboard: * 111 * 444 * 50 #. After that, press the call button and wait for the confirmation of the request. To activate 150 or 300 messages, put the appropriate number after the third asterisk. You will have the following combination: * 111 * 444 * 150 # or * 111 * 444 * 300 #.

From this article you learned how you can save money on messages by activating various SMS packages. We hope that this article will be useful to you in practice.

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