How to clean the sheepskin coat from greasy stains

You will need
  • - water at room temperature
  • - a cloth,
  • - light eraser.
At home, without the use of special preparations and equipment it is quite difficult to remove a stain from any thing without a trace. One in a dry-cleaner even for a pushover speck of the small size from you will take the decent sum. This is due to the fact that at the time when you go to dry cleaning, the stain will have time to soak and dry. A dried out stain is much harder to remove than a fresh one. Therefore, remember, it is necessary to do the initial processing as soon as possible. Then the probability to keep the original appearance is much higher. Simple stains can be removed with the help of available tools.
Tanned leather is a very peculiar material, so gasoline and salt, which many housewives are advised to use, can only spoil the thing, discolor the treated place.Glycerin after application leaves shiny spots, so the cleaned place will stand out significantly. Also, in no case do not use all sorts of powders and stain removers. They can also disrupt the structure of tanned leather. If the fat stain did not have time to be absorbed completely, then it is necessary to blot it with a napkin. Do not overwrite it! So you only increase the contaminated area. Spots left behind by products such as eggs, ice cream or milk are best washed carefully and thoroughly with water at room temperature and do not use any chemicals.
If the stain appears as a result of alcohol spilled on a sheepskin coat, wash the contaminated area with a damp cloth. Do not wash the stain under the tap! When cleaning with a cloth, make circular movements, moving from the edge to the center. So you won’t let the stain crawl away. If you do not know where the stain came from, then you can try to clean it with a regular light-colored eraser. A piece of coarse fabric will do. For sheepskin coat there are special erasers for cleaning. They can be found in hardware stores.It is recommended to apply cleaning with this special eraser after each use of clothes. Such constant prevention will avoid the appearance of old spots. If the stain is too complicated, then go to dry cleaning. Experts will help you to finally get rid of traces of careless exploitation.

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