How to clean the fan

To cleanfancooling the processor in the system unit, de-energize the computer and remove the side cover of the case. Then you can go in two ways: • Remove the cooler, clean it and replace the thermal grease;
• Cleanfanby removing only the impeller.
In order to remove and cleanfan, unplug the power cord to the motherboard. The cooler can be fixed above the processor in several ways: locks, clips, screws. Release it from the mount and pull it out of the system unit.
Clean the cooler from dirt with a vacuum cleaner and dust brush. Lubricate its sole with thermal grease, apply it to the processor, after removing the remnants of the old substance with a napkin, and in the reverse order, fix the cooler in the system unit case on the motherboard.
Before disassembling a laptop, download the repair and maintenance manual from the manufacturer’s website.Laptops of different models and companies differ in design features and ways of dismantling components.

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