How to choose the seedlings to the cottage

Where to buy seedlings of fruit trees

It is advisable to buy seedlings from trusted vendors who are guaranteed not to give you a wild or cheap common variety instead of a varietal plant. If you haven’t got any acquaintances in these circles yet, then the most reliable way is to go to the nursery and choose the seedlings directly there. Most likely to buy a "cat in a bag" - on the market where the seller has absolutely no risk in case of fraud, because you see him for the first and last time.

Which seedlings to choose

Selling seedlings can beopen root systemwith a lump of earth orgrown in a containerwith which they are sold. The first two varieties are bought and planted in the ground in autumn or early spring, and seedlings in containers can be transplanted during the whole warm season.

When buying, you must carefully inspect the entire sapling, find a vaccination site (if not, then you obviously have a wild bird), make sure that the bark is not gnawed by mice and does not have spots that indicate fungal infection.When choosing a seedling, give preference to a plant with a shaped crown and several oppositely directed lateral branches. Do not choose a plant that is too elongated; give preference to a more squat one, with a powerful butt and a well-developed root system with many small roots.

If the plant is offered with a lump of earth, try to gently pull it and make sure that it keeps its roots firmly. Some unscrupulous sellers sprinkle unsold seedlings with open roots on the ground, moisturize it and form a lump, but in this case the ground easily falls off the roots. A similar deception may be when buying a seedling in a container.

Transportation and planting of fruit trees saplings

If you can not immediately plant a seedling in the ground, wrap its roots in a damp cloth, and on top - plastic wrap, which will save them from drying out. So you can store it for one or two days, but you should first cut off from it all the remaining leaves, to prevent excessive evaporation of moisture.

When transporting seedlings in no case can not put them on top of the trunk of the car, since the counter-flow of wind can damage their branches, and the root system will be overdried.

When planting a plant in the ground, do not forget to pre-moisten the roots by dipping them in a bucket of ground diluted to a semi-liquid state. The pit for planting should be slightly deeper than the root length. It is more convenient to fill the ground with two people: one person holds a sapling by the trunk so that the roots are in a straightened state, and the other gently sprinkles them with soil to the root neck. It is advisable to pour the hole and grind it with compost, crushed bark or straw.

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