How to choose the perfect washcloth for your body?

Bast is an indispensable thing for the bathroom and shower. It depends on it how pleasant and effective the bathing process will be.

How to choose the perfect?

The cosmetic effect and quality of washing primarily depend on what material the washcloth is made of. Its fibers can be synthetic (viscose, nylon, foam rubber) or natural.

From natural material

It is best to use sponges made from natural plant materials: ramie, loofah, sisal, bast. Thanks to their structure, they help cleanse the pores, rejuvenate and smooth the skin. Also, sponges have anti-cellulite and massage effect. Do not forget that, like other items of personal hygiene, they require special care.

After use, the sponge must be washed, and then left to dry on the battery. If you have sensitive skin, then these sponges are not recommended for daily use, so as not to cause irritation.

In this case, it is better to choose a combined washcloth, one side of which is made of textile material (well suited for daily use), and the other - from plant. Natural plant materials do an excellent job of exfoliating the hardened skin of feet, elbows and knees.

  1. Bast Lykovye sponges are made from subcortical layers of linden, which are subjected to steam treatment. As for stiffness, they have an average abrasiveness, and when in contact with water they become soft and silky. In addition to all this, linden fibers during the bath procedure emit phytoncides, which contribute to the treatment of diseases of the respiratory tract. Lime lip quickly crumbles, so these washcloths are not durable.
  2. Loofah Lyufa is an annual plant of the pumpkin family. In another way, this plant is called mad cucumber. Dried fibrous fruits are used to make scourers. Today they are the most common. When wet, the sponge becomes soft, and when it dries, it becomes hard again.
  3. Sisal. Sisal is a strong fiber, which is obtained from the leaves of the Mexican agave.Such sensitive sponges are not suitable for sensitive skin, because agave fiber is rather coarse and hard. They are best used for massage with deep cleansing. This massage has a strong anti-cellulite and peeling effects, as well as promotes intensive blood circulation. To keep the sponge soft, it should be soaked in hot water before use.
  4. Rami. Rami is a plant of the nettle family. It grows in China, India, Japan, and others. The main difference between such washcloths from others is their mesh structure. They have an effective polishing effect on the skin.
  5. Sea sponge. The most delicate and delicate washcloths that are ideal for sensitive skin are washcloths made from sea sponge. They have a soft and porous structure, so they can be used for the face and neck. Sea sponge is subjected to special treatment, in which all its contents are removed and leave only the base. This basis is used to make scourers. Natural sponge absorbs water well and gives abundant foam. Germs are not afraid of it, because after drying it becomes covered with a thick crust and hardens.This washcloth needs to be changed every 3 months.

Washcloths made of synthetic material

As we already mentioned, most often such sponges are made of viscose, nylon and polyester. They differ in the degree of their rigidity. Synthetic sponges when soaping give foam abundant than natural. In addition, they can be of various sizes, shapes and colors.

Unfortunately, it is these colors that most often cause allergies. Therefore, if you have sensitive skin, be very careful! Synthetic washcloths are much cheaper than natural ones. Pathogenic bacteria do not live in them, and you can use them daily.


  1. Mitt. Such washcloths are great to keep on hand, and also they are very convenient and comfortable to use. Under a stream of water, the mitten does not roll and it is very difficult to drop it.
  2. Rose Such sponges in the form of “roses” are very light and airy. An important element is that they have a loop for hanging. They are made of polyethylene fibers: a mesh stocking of fibrous material is collected in a rose and tied with a string. Rosette perfectly beat the foam, and this allows you to save shower gel.This washcloth can be used for daily use.
  3. Long washcloths with handles. Sponges and oblong washcloths with handles consist of the same material as the rosettes. They differ in the method of application and design. This washcloth can be held with both hands and rubbing her back without anyone's help. The denser and thicker the washcloth, the more convenient it is to wash it.
  4. Sponge. Sponges are made from environmentally friendly foam rubber. Foam sponge-sponge is very soft and delicate, and also it perfectly whip the foam. When drying, the sponge becomes harder, which means that microbes that love a moist environment are not going to be on it.
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