How to choose the color of lipstick

A very significant and attractive part of the face are the lips. Therefore, depending on how much the choice of lipstick is thought out and justified, all your appearance depends. Tinted lips, you involuntarily draw attention to them. And the mistake in choosing a lipstick color will be expensive for you. After all, an unsuitable color can visually age a woman for several years, change the complexion not for the better and give it, let's say not very stylish look. The right color makes the lips more expressive and sexy, besides it plays an important role in creating an attractive and spectacular look. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to choose the color of lipstick, but this is a very important and often not an easy task.


So, the colors of lipstick are divided into three main groups: neutral, they include beige, terracotta and brown tones; cool colors are pink shades and warm colors, this group includes orange, peach and coral shades.


The shades can be dark, medium saturated and light.You should also consider the fact that lipsticks are divided into glossy, pearlescent and matte. All these characteristics directly influence the creation of one or another effect, therefore, it is necessary to approach the question of how to choose the color of lipstick thoroughly. When choosing, you need to take into account several basic data at once - skin color, hair color, eye color, lip size, tooth color, age, time of day and lighting. The first three characteristics determine the color type of the exterior, according to which the color of clothes and make-up is selected, and lipstick should naturally be combined with them.


Women with gray eyes fit plum and beige shades. Terracotta and red-orange colors are perfectly combined with green eyes, and blue with beige, pink and cherry tones. Owners of brown eyes should choose red, brown or pale pink shades. You should always consider the color of your skin.


Wine, red, pastel and chocolate tones are perfect for dark skin. Beige, light pink and coral shades combine well with light skin. The most important rule - if the skin color is warm tones (peach, cream), then lipstick must be selected warm shades, lipstick cold colors are suitable for cold skin tones.


Talking about how to choose the color of lipstick ideally suited to you, it is important to take into account, for all other things, the color of the hair. Scandinavian type blondes with light skin, blue or green eyes and blond hair are perfectly suited to various shades of pink, coral and plum. Slavic blondes with a milk-and-honey-colored face and straw hair can use orange and golden beige lipsticks. Red-haired women with fair skin are recommended to use brown, plum, coral tones. Owners of dark hair, with blue and gray eyes and fair skin, can safely use the classic scarlet or purple. A brunette with dark skin and dark eyes, best suited chocolate, dark red or plum lipstick.


With the help of this or that lipstick color, you can visually enlarge the lips or, on the contrary, reduce them. Light lipstick always visually increases lips, and dark reduces.


In addition, the age of a woman plays a significant role in the question of how to choose the color of lipstick. Young girls should use light shades, young ones should have rich colors, and mature women should have dark tones, but not defiant and not screaming. Pastel shades less emphasize wrinkles.It is also very important to choose the color according to the time of day and lighting. During the daytime it is recommended to use neutral tones or a transparent lip gloss, and in the evenings dark colors and rich hues are suitable.


Find the perfect color lipstick is not always possible.

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