How to choose fixtures?

It is customary to distinguish two types of lighting: decorative and functional. It is good when there are light sources in the apartment, providing both of them.

Functional lighting is a must for a comfortable pastime. Its main function is to light the rooms and make the stay in the apartment cozy. Such functions, for example, perform chandeliers or table lamps. Of course, it is also customary to select them taking into account the interior, but still their goal is to help work and light the rooms.

Especially important is the lighting in those rooms where there are no windows, and where the sunlight does not penetrate. Such premises include corridors, hallways, pantries, bathrooms and toilets.

But even there, a functional lamp can also become a bright accent in the interior and at the same time perform decorative functions.

Decorative lamps include various floor lamps, wall lamps, spotlights and other types of lamps. They are selected individually and focus on the bright details of the interior.

There are several general tips for placing light sources in an apartment.

1.For work it is better to use a desk lamp with direct bright light, which is directed to the working area and does not fall into the eyes. For left-handers, the lamp is placed on the right, and for right-handers - on the left.

2. A lamp with a shade of material (glass, cloth, plastic) will diffuse light. This type of lighting is optimal for rooms, so you can place such lamps in any quantity and in any space.

3. The light of the bedside lamp should be enough to read a book before bedtime. If you have to strain your eyes a lot, then you should replace the bulb with a more powerful one.

4. It is better to equip the mirror in the room with lamps with soft diffused light. They are usually installed at once from two sides approximately at the level of the head. You should not fix there a source of colored light or install lamps too high - so your reflection will be distorted.

5. In the kitchen, it is desirable to arrange spotlights in the area of ​​the sink and the desktop.

6. Hang a lampshade above the dining table or place a soft light desk lamp on it. Then your family lunches and dinners will be warm and cozy.

7If you embed the spot in the upper plane of the window opening, it will seem that outside the window is always light.

8. Visually increase the height of the streams by using wall lights with beams directed upwards. Light directed at the walls will create the opposite effect.

9. To expand the space of the room, light up the walls as much as possible.

10. To make the corridor not seem narrow, place the lamps along one of the walls, and not exactly in the middle of the ceiling, as usual.

We hope these tips will benefit you and help you choose the optimal lighting.
for each room in the apartment.

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