How to choose curtains and tulle for home

Window decoration plays an important role in the arrangement and design of the room. Regardless of the purpose of the house and its style, each curtain plays two roles:

  • aesthetic to highlight and decorate a room;
  • practical - for protection from the sun, prying eyes.

Based on these criteria, and suitable materials are selected. Properly chosen curtains and tulle can transform a room, create coziness and a certain mood.

General rules for the selection of curtains

First, you should consider the nature of the room and the side of the world. If the kitchen windows overlook the calm north side, then light and transparent high-quality kitchen tulle - light shades is better suited so as not to obscure the already rather cloudy room. It is better to stay on an organza or a veil, choosing a shade to match the overall color scheme of the room. If the room is located on the first floor and overlooks a noisy busy street or the sunny south,it is better to pick up heavy curtains from dense fabrics. They will not only protect from prying eyes, but also from bright sunlight. In this case, you can use different blinds or Roman blinds.

Variety of modern curtains

There is a huge variety of curtain models:

  • Roman blinds are a canvas that folds easily into a roll. There are a variety of color and functional solutions. They are ideal for tight and reliable window protection.
  • But the curtain in the bedroom will look best in the form of classic curtains. Such models are made of solid canvas for the entire window or from two side canvases framing the window sill.
  • Japanese panels - narrow and long strips of fabric of various colors will decorate an office or library, they are used to separate the space.
  • Draped curtains and eyelets for curtains, lush Austrian curtains, as well as French curtains with numerous horizontal folds and ruffles fit perfectly into a classic-style living room.
  • Curtains - the traditional design of the window is a beautifully selected curtain.
  • Blinds are the easiest to clean and hygienic curtains.

Looking through the catalog of curtains for the hall it is easy to get lost in the variety and beauty of the presented models. It is worth remembering that good curtains are made from high-quality fabrics of natural origin, they are well breathable, give the room a complete, residential look and appearance. You can combine different types of curtains in the house to your liking, but you should not mix different models in one room.

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