How to choose an e-book?

How to choose an e-book?

How to choose an e-book?

E-books are a relatively new product on the market, but it is gaining popularity at a rather fast pace. It is now easy to get confused in the diversity that is now represented, and to buy is not at all what was necessary, but what the seller will recommend.


Why then do we need e-books if ordinary paper books exist for a long time? There are several possible answers to this question. First of all, e-books are easier and much more compact than regular ones, but if you are a fan of large-scale authors, the benefit is even more obvious. Another causal factor is the fact that we often come across an interesting description of a book that is a great desire to read, but it turns out to be inaccessible in its usual form. For example, such a book is not in the store, it is not in the library, its circulation has ended.And in electronic form it is possible to find almost all books - and this is a major plus. There is also the possibility and benefit of an economic type. E-book is more expensive than usual, but you will post this amount only once.


How to choose an e-book correctly? First, you must pay attention to the screen. Surely, many people know that reading from a computer screen or a mobile phone can tire the eye muscles, and the information is perceived worse. However, these factors should not prevent the purchase of e-books, since the screens in them are made using e-ink technology. Their goal is to imitate printing on paper. You are less tired of them, and they are not so harmful. But not without its drawbacks. One of them is the time for which the page is updated. This time is slightly longer than on e-books with an LCD screen, and it happens that after turning the page, a new page has a trace from the previous page. But the technology of electronic ink consumes the minimum amount of energy, and after charging the device, charging can hold for about a week. And if you do not have problems with reading from a computer, and it does not strain your eyes and they do not get tired, then look at the models with an LCD screen.


How to choose an e-book?

How to choose an e-book?



Resolution and screen size.There are small and large electronic books. Naturally, it is better to look at the place, which of the e-books can fit in your bag, how best to read, how many lines would be ideal for you on the screen.


Backlight. The backlight is needed for reading in a dimly lit place. However, if you buy an e-book to read on a long journey or use at home, then it will be useless to you. But if you bought a reader without illumination, and then it became clear that you really need it, you should not run to the store to exchange goods. On sale there are special lamps for reading electronic books.


Dimensions and weight. Before buying an e-book, determine for yourself how much mass you will be able to keep for a long time. Choose a mass that will be as comfortable as possible for you, and look for a book whose weight will be the same or less.


Internal filling. Some people prefer to buy equipment in foreign online stores, as they sometimes get less delivery than from a store located nearby. However, e-books in this category can not be attributed.After all, such devices are delivered to us already, being Russified, which means that they are coping well with the task of recognizing the Russian language, with the arrangement of correct hyphens and unique letters, and goods from foreign stores often only come with English. Therefore, if you want to pick up a reader in a foreign store, then just then find something similar in domestic stores.


Pictures and music. Many readers have built-in players. If you need this option, check with the seller. The same applies to photos.


Memory. How to choose an e-book so that its memory satisfies you. This feature is very important, and it must be taken into account when choosing an e-book. Standard e-books have a memory of 512 mb. In this amount of memory can fit no less than a hundred books. However, if you do not miss this, and you still have the desire to listen to music, then stop your choice on models that have a slot for external memory.


Control. The taste and color, so to speak, and markers are different. For someone, just a joystick will be enough, and someone can easily manage a bunch of buttons.And someone can not live without a touch screen. While in the store, you should try more than one option, and decide that it will be more convenient for you.


The standard stuffing of e-books usually includes: the device itself, a cord for connecting the device to the computer, a carrying case, a charging device, a warranty card, a software disc, and various booklets.

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