How to choose an antivirus

How to choose an antivirus

How to choose an antivirus

Immediately after installing the operating system or other important software, the question arises as to which one to choose the antivirus for your PC so that it is safe? To this question you can find the answer if you carefully read our advice, which we tried to put as clearly as possible in this article. Having read to the end, you will learn what this particular type of software is for, and also learn its functions.

First you need to ask yourself the question, why do we need an antivirus?


You can be one hundred percent sure that everyone has heard such a thing as a computer virus. What is this malicious piece, which can not even be called a full-fledged program? To make it clear to an ordinary person, antiviruses are malicious code that is displayed as computer programs. All its functions are designed to damage files or delete them.Some viruses are able to give the ability to control a computer remotely and steal various valuable information of users, for example, passwords to payment systems that a person uses from this computer. In general, the virus is aimed at the destruction and damage to the computer. Its task is to prevent stable and working PC.


What are the dangers of viruses?



How to choose an antivirus

One of the most famous types of virus programs is Troyan. This is a very dangerous type of viruses, as they can disguise themselves as ordinary programs that cannot harm a computer. This is done so that the user himself opens the Pandora's chest and releases viruses into his PC environment by clicking on the program icon and launching it. The main goal of Trojans is harming a PC or stealing information. There are even such dangerous types of Trojans that can delete information from the hard disk. All your movies, games, music and photos can be deleted with such malware that was hidden by the new utility for hacking VKontakte passwords. There is also a view of Troyanov, whose activities are aimed at stealing valuable information from users, for example,it can be passwords. Most often, passwords are stolen from electronic mailboxes, accounts in social networks or on forums. Well, there is a third type of Trojans, which are completely capable of blocking access to a PC, in order to subsequently receive money for unlocking. This is a very good way to make money for smart, but lazy hackers. In other words, after booting the computer, you will not see your desktop, and the label will indicate what needs to be done in order for your PC to work again. The amount of money is usually not very small, because it is better to read our article to the end, so as not to fly into with such money.


Also, in addition to all these dangerous Trojans that pop up like Greeks from the Trojan horse, suddenly destroying information and files, there are many other types of malware that severely disrupt the stable operation of the PC. But we will not dwell on them, as they are more rare. The main thing is that you understand the whole essence of viruses and the consequences of their development. It is necessary to protect your friend, that is, the PC from such unexpected guests.


What are the functions of antivirus programs?


Firstly, a high-quality antivirus will help protect your PC from attacks of Trojans, worms and other trifles, which will want to prevent the operation of the computer.If the anti-virus databases are new, then the viruses have no chance to slip through the irresistible protection that the anti-virus software will create. In addition, modern antiviruses will help to control traffic to certain sites, that is, they simply will not allow to go to the next trick of an evil hacker who has been seated in his basement.


Parental control is a function that all modern programs have that are worthy of calling themselves antiviruses. To children do not go to different sites, which not even every adult allows himself to go create this function. You can block websites with pornographic content for the safety of your child. Smart antiviruses are still able to block banners on websites, advertising and many other useful things. In general, this type of software greatly helps to maintain a stable PC.


How can a computer get infected with a virus program?




Yes, very easy, we will answer you. Now there are a lot of viruses on the Internet, and there it is easiest to pick it up, because thousands of users distribute private files from their PCs, on which a whole realm of viruses could make a kingdom.It is especially easy to pick up another Trojan or worm on torrents. There are different people handing out there, someone has an antivirus, someone doesn’t, and another computer can hardly breathe - as far as it is filled with virus programs. And they, it is easy to climb over to you. To get infected through a USB flash drive or through a disk is not so risky, of course, if this removable media was in the circle of people you trust. If you took a drive for hire, then there is a high probability there is a dangerous virus. The antivirus program will not allow malicious code errors to enter your personal computer. The best defense is prevention, as they say.



How to choose antivirus?




Today there are already a lot of antiviruses that are better than each other. To argue about which antivirus is best of all is very stupid, because some protect this way, others protect others. There is no such an antivirus that will protect against all malicious code, but still certain protection is guaranteed.
What features should each antivirus include?




In the list view you can see everything that a PC guard should be able to do:

  • - antivirus monitoring of folders and files, scanning for viruses on the hard disk
  • -Scanner hard disk and RAM for the presence of virus programs, ideal for checking removable media (flash drives, disks)
  • -the antivirus self-defense is needed so that our guard can protect himself from hacker problems, because there are also such smart viruses that can disable antivirus, and then do everything they want with your personal computer, although after that it will be difficult to name it personal
  • - control of the software is needed in order to identify a virus that is already starting to destroy the program, changing its functionality and capabilities
  • Network monitoring and antivirus operation in the browser is very useful, because the danger on the Internet is the security of every modern PC, this function is able to control traffic and network activity, destroying malicious files that will try to attack your PC.
  • -constant updating of anti-virus databases is necessary so that the protector can fight with new and new types and modifications of viruses, because they are invented very often, more often than you can imagine
  • -Small system requirements will solve a lot, if your PC can not be called a monster, otherwise PCs will run slower from antivirus than with viruses.

The most popular and safest antiviruses are

  • Kaspersky Anti-Virus
  • Dr.WEB
  • Avast!
  • NOD32

Which one to choose from the list or maybe another is completely up to you. The main thing is that your PC is safe, and hackers break their heads over the creation of new viruses, while you will quietly work at the computer.

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