How to choose a remedy for ticks

Main types of tick remedies

Today it is not a problem to buy a remedy for ticks - consumer reviews, expert advice and a fairly wide range of pharmacies make it much easier for the buyer. However, when choosing the �right� composition, it is important not only to listen to the advice of other people, but also to independently study the manufacturer�s information on the packaging.

On sale you can find ointments, bars, sprays and aerosols from bloodsuckers.

1.Repellent productsfor the treatment of ticks on the basis of diethyltoluamide (DEET). They need to handle clothes and skin.

Benefits:�on tissue, the period of action of repellents lasts up to four to five days, on the skin - up to four to five hours. The products are relatively safe for humans (subject to the instructions for use), water-based variations can be used for children.

disadvantages: the compositions with DEET do not destroy ticks, but only scare them away, so after visiting the forest, you must carefully check your clothes and body.In a strong wind and rain repellent - not an effective remedy for ticks, it can quickly lose the ability to scare blood-sucking.

Examplesrepellents: �Tick-Kaput�, �Komaroff�, �Off! Extreme�, �Deta-VOKKO�, Ultrathon �, �Pikhtal�, �Kamarant� and others.

2.Acaricidesagainst ticks contain toxic substances that cause paralysis in the bloodsucker. Designed only for processing clothes!

Benefits:�paralyze the blood-sucking, which immediately becomes safe, even if it does not immediately fall off the clothes. After several hours, the tick dies. The effect of poison is prolonged until the washing of the treated fabric or until a couple of weeks.

disadvantages: it takes time and place to process clothes (not on a person!), with fresh air. You can wear forest vestments after the drug dries. The exception is the acaricides in the form of bars, which, just before entering the forest, need to draw protective circles on the trouser legs, sleeves, collar, etc. Can not be applied to the skin.

Examplesacaricides: Pretix, Tornado-anti-mite, Gardex-anti-mite, Fumitox-anti-mite, Reftamide anti-mite and others.

3.  Insecticidal repellents�from ticks, respectively, kill and repel bloodsuckers. Usually in the composition - DEET and alphamethrin. As a universal preparation, it is recommended in cases when you want to protect yourself not only from ticks, but also from flying midges.

Benefits: versatility, efficiency.

disadvantages: As with acaricides, pretreatment of clothing is required and should not be applied to the skin.

Examples�insecticide-repellent formulations: �Moskitol-special protection against ticks�, �Medilis-comfort�, �Kra-rap� and others.

Remedies against ticks: the rules of choice

  1. It is highly recommended to buy drugs in pharmacies - there they should be stored at a temperature not exceeding 25 � C. It is a big risk to buy a remedy for ticks from hands, since drugs without a certificate from the Ministry of Health, with a concentration of the active substance that is dangerous for humans, come to the market.
  2. Pay attention to permissible concentrations of the toxin: up to 40% (several hours �work�); up to 25% (up to three hours) and up to 10% (the active ingredient is short-lived, but safe for children and allergies).
  3. For children, choose only special product lines that include natural ingredients like essential oil.
  4. Never use a tick remedy that has expired.

note: an anti-mite medication should be applied on clothing and footwear, making circular motions (protective circle), as well as stripes. Especially carefully it is necessary to process the cuffs, collar, legs to the waist.

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