How to choose a fashionable wrist watch?

The watch is not just a bright and interesting accessory, but also a real helper. But how to choose a watch so as not only not to get lost in time, but also to look stylish and attractive?

What to consider when choosing a watch?

Stylish accessory

A few important points to consider when buying a watch:

  • Budget. Prices for watches can vary from 10-20 dollars to 1000 dollars and above. But remember that it is too cheap an accessory can not cost. So, cheaper and 30-50 dollars good and high-quality watches are unlikely to cost (unless you can get on sale or share).
  • Lifestyle. If you are an active and athletic girl, then you should get a watch with additional functions that can make life easier.
  • Style. Yes, yes, and it is very important, because, you see, a smart watch will look ridiculous with torn jeans, like a sports watch with an elegant dress. And, in general, it is better to have several accessories for all occasions.
  • Comfort and convenience. Ideally, you should wear a sutra clock and forget about them for the whole day. If the accessory will interfere, then you will constantly be distracted and nervous.So the clock will certainly need fitting.

What are the hours?

Depending on the mechanism, the following types of watches are distinguished:

  • Mechanical watches operate at the expense of the plant, which actuates the spring mechanism. The latter then transfers the movement to the spring mechanism, and that, in turn, moves the arrows. They remain the most popular, but have both advantages and disadvantages. So, this accessory does not require regular replacement of batteries, which is very practical and economical. In addition, the error is minimal, so you will always know the exact time. The mechanical watch factory can be manual (in this case, you have to regularly tighten the wheel located on the side of the case) or automatic. The first option has a higher error, as well as sensitivity to the influence of environmental factors (dust, dirt, moisture). Automatic winding reduces the accuracy and risk of breakage due to moisture or dirt (but breakage is possible in any case, because the mechanism is very complicated).
  • Quartz watches are battery powered. Instead of a pendulum mechanism that actuates a mechanical watch, a special generator made from a quartz crystal is used here.This design is powered by a battery charge and makes the wheel mechanism responsible for the movement of the arrows work. Such an accessory will provide high accuracy of time measurements, and will not require a winding, which is also important. But you have to regularly change the battery.
  • Electronic clocks are, in essence, a kind of quartz. In them the information is displayed on the electronic display in the form of numbers.


Make the right choice.

The case is responsible not only for the appearance of the accessory, but also for the accuracy of the mechanism, ensuring its protection from the external environment. What to pay attention to? of course, on the material of which the shell is made.

  • The most practical and durable is stainless steel, which will protect against damage and ensure the safety of the original appearance. Such a body will last a long time, it does not require any coatings.
  • Also used are titanium alloys. They are also strong, do not have special coatings and sputtering, they do not wear off and they serve for a long time. But watches with such a case will be expensive.
  • Plastic can also be quite durable if it is of high quality. But on this coating any scratches will be very noticeable.
  • Aluminum is considered the least durable. The watch will be inexpensive, but for any mechanical damage they may break.
  • Brass can scratch, darken and leave marks on the hand.
  • Nickel is harmful to health.
  • The platinum case is durable, but will make the accessory incredibly expensive.
  • Famous precious metals such as silver or gold are also used. Silver is cheaper and stronger than gold, but can darken with constant wear. Gold is softer and more expensive, but it does not get dark.

Pay attention to the coating and coating. It will not be superfluous, but with constant wear it can be completely erased in six months or a year, so you shouldn’t deceive and overpay.

The form of the case can be any, everything will depend on your personal wishes and preferences.

"Face" hours

The face and the most important part of the watch is undoubtedly the dial. Its shape and color can be any, and they do not affect the functioning and convenience. But there are important criteria:

  • Configuration. The shooter may be two or three. The numbers can be any and even absent altogether. Choose a model that will allow you to find out the time with a glimpse of the dial, rather than peer into it, measuring the segments.
  • The material, namely glass.Today, different glasses are used: mineral, plastic, sapphire and a combination. Plastic is absolutely not durable and is easily scratched. Mineral glass - the most common option. The material is more durable, but over time it can become scratched and cracked. Sapphire crystal is the most durable, practical, but expensive. The combined glasses are made of mineral glass and sapphire. Such material is more accessible and durable.

Bracelet or belt?

Bracelet, consisting of links, makes it possible to adjust the length and take into account the girth of the wrist. But for some models, bracelets are not very comfortable, as they can injure the skin or grab hairs on the body. Materials used are the same as for the manufacture of the body.

They must be fashionable.

The strap is more pleasant and comfortable to wear, but it wears out pretty quickly. Leather straps are considered to be the most durable and long-lasting, but they can be made of leatherette, fabric or even rubber.

By the way, the thickness of the bracelet or strap is also important. So, if you have a thin and elegant handle, then choose a model with a thin strap. A rather wide watch will look better on a wide wrist.

And still pay attention to the buckle. Three options: classic (it can be seen on the strap), foldable and butterfly. The first is not too durable, the second will protect against slipping of the clock and is quite convenient, but massive, and the third is almost imperceptible, but not very convenient.


How to choose a wrist watch? Be sure to pay attention to their style. There are several known:

  • Classic is quite strict and reserved, suitable for business women.
  • Watch in the style of Dress - the most popular and popular. They are concise, but at the same time elegant and feminine, so that they fit both under the dress and under the business suit.
  • Sports style is suitable for active sports girls.
  • Fashion-style watches are bright, stylish and modern, they are ideal for parties and are combined with youth dresses. Shapes and colors can be very diverse.
  • Jewerly style can not afford each. Such watches are decorated with precious stones and made of precious metals.


There are many manufacturers. The best and most popular ones are the Swiss Tissot, Kolber, Certina, Omega, Longines, Rado and the Japanese Casio, Orient, Seiko, Citizen.

Additional functions


The following options are available:

  • Impact resistance.
  • Water resistant.
  • Stopwatch.
  • Timer.
  • Backlit dial.
  • The chronometer will provide accurate progress and will always show the time correctly.
  • The calendar.
  • Chronograph will allow you to fix certain time intervals.
  • The power reserve indicator will tell you when to bring the clock.
  • The moon phase indicator.
  • World time, second time zone.
  • Alarm clock.
  • Compass.

Important stuff

A few little things:

  • When choosing a color, it is better to focus on the classic ones, such as black, white or gray. But for special cases you can get a bright model.
  • Pay attention to the convenience of the winding wheel or buttons.
  • Purchase watches in specialized stores.

Let the clock always show the correct time, serve for a long time and delight the eye!

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