How to choose a convection oven?

How to choose a convection oven?

How to choose a convection oven?

The very first thing that can come to mind with such a word as “convection oven” is something high-tech, unattainable, cosmic and not very cheap. However, at the same time, we have before our eyes a picture from past years, when, during Soviet times, rosy chickens, mounted on skewers, were spinning in a cafe. In general, you will not be deceived by such associations, because aerogrill is a high technology that allows you to feel like the master of your space kitchen.


Created convection oven was 2 dozen summer ago. At first it was intended as a replacement for a microwave, and the very name laid down the principle of cooking meat, which is traditional for North Americans, who also invented air ionizers. This is how people got the opportunity to cook a grill at home and enjoy it if desired.


But still do not expect the oven to achieve extraordinary cooking of meatway with the same name. This device has a lot more functions than you can even imagine. Thanks to it, it is possible to create a huge variety of healthy and delicious dishes.


The principle of operation, the device aerogrill



So, in this case, it is fair to say that all ingenious is simple. Modern aerogrills consist of a round glass pan, which is covered with a lid. The lid has a powerful heating element and a fan. The air is heated to a certain temperature with the help of heating elements, and thanks to a fan, airflow to the prepared products, which are located on the grill and air circulation, is provided. Thus, the products are evenly cooked, regardless of whether they are roasted, baked or brewed. Often aerogrill compared with the Russian stove. They have the ability to set the temperature at which the flow will occur up to 260 degrees, and also speed. Therefore, you can safely cook and not be afraid that the dish will be overdried, as it was when cooking in older models that did not have such a function.


Advantages and disadvantages of aerogrill



Now we hear more and more often that new models of aerogrills can replace almost all equipment in the kitchen. In this article, we will try to understand whether this is really so.


The main advantage of the described device is the preparation of all dishes without the use of oil and fat, which are used when frying in a pan. This function is simply incredible useful for those who eat a diet and cares about their health or simply do not like oil.


The second thing that needs to be said is the possibility of cooking dishes that can be cooked in a microwave, namely, defrost and heat, simmer vegetables, it is possible to cook porridge, bake pies, dry mushrooms and berries, sterilize dishes. In addition, aerogrill perform a huge number of functions that are very useful in our lives.


Another advantage of aerogril is a considerable time saving. For example, in the cooking process, you can use several saucepans, pots, cook up to 3 dishes at a time. Due to the design, smells of various dishes will not be mixed, and a person will only need to prepare the ingredients, cut and spread the products into the grill.But if the kitchen is combined with the room, then the convection oven is an ideal device, thanks to it you will not feel any unpleasant smells from the food in the recreation area.


Among the functions of some aerogrills is smoking and languishing.



Not without some flaws. Naturally convection oven is not able to replace all the equipment in your kitchen. A number of manufacturers say that, thanks to aerogril, it is possible to cook on the spout, although in reality this function is not very good for him. And to heat the dishes is still convenient in the microwave, but for baking to use a miracle pan - there is a higher cooking speed.


How to choose a convection oven?

How to choose a convection oven?


A very large drawback is considered to be the powerful heating of the flask when cooking food - it is quite dangerous if there are young children in the house.


Manufacturers give a guarantee that the device will work with stability when voltage drops in the network, this fact attracts villagers to buy an aerogrill. But if the voltage in the outlet drops, then the performance of the aerogrill is likely to fall too. Do not overlook this nuance.It should also be noted that the device consumes a rather considerable amount of power, and if you use it too often, your electricity bills are unlikely to please you.


Functions grinders



Now we find out what parameters should be considered when choosing a convection oven.


First, answer your own question about what you are planning to cook with the help of aerogrill. If you plan to cook shish kebabs and sterilize jars, then the simplest model will suffice.


Also look at the container that comes in the kit. It is necessary to reveal the secret that the volume of aerogrill pans is indicated by two figures, for example, 10-14 liters. Nuance - the kit includes a ring that can increase the volume of the pan, in our case as much as 1.4 times. Consequently, you have the opportunity to prepare food for a large family, and also in small portions. There are other types of models - mini-grill, its volume is indicated in this way: 7-11 liters.


You also need to decide on the technical characteristics. The approximate power of aerogrill is 600-1500 watts. These parameters indicate for one device, however, for different temperature regimes and blowing speeds.


Not all airgrill models have an automatic reheat mode, but one should not think that this is the determining factor.


You should also separately pay attention to the speed of rotation of the fans. For simple models, you can not adjust the fan rotation speed, it works only in one mode. But one mode is not always enough, and more advanced modern models operate at 3 speeds.


Most often, the control unit is used mechanical, in such models it usually has elementary settings and 1 fan speed. A model with a large range of functions, and an electronic power supply.


The lid of the pan can be installed on a special bracket, and it can also be removable. For example, when mounting bracket, you do not have to look for a place where it would be heavy and hot to put. But at the same time there will also be more sizes of the aerogrill itself. It would be best to determine the model and type of cover in the store itself, just before the purchase.


All models have a timer. However, there is a difference between the models: the timers are calculated from 1 to 24 hours. More expensive models can set a delayed timerSuch a function is very convenient, for example, when a dish is needed at a certain moment, and you are afraid to forget to turn on the device.


Both expensive and cheap models have a useful self-cleaning feature. It is almost impossible to find a model without such a function. This characteristic should be paid attention, but according to the users of aerogrills, sometimes all the same have to manually wash the flask.


Prices of aerogrills



To understand the prices of aerogrills, it is worth to divide them into two rather large types: simple and complex.


The simple models have a mechanical type of control, a fan that works with only one speed, and the lid is removable. The price of simple models from 70 to 140 dollars.

Models are more complicated with touch and electronic controls, several modes of fan speed, a hinged lid of the flask, cooking programs for a fully automatic mode. The price of such models is from 150 dollars.


It turns out that you are already not faced with the question of how to choose a convection oven and you have decided on its model, then do not forget to check with the purchase whether all of the above listed for this model is available - forceps for taking out, various kinds of grids and the like.


In order that the cooking process does not give you absolutely no inconvenience, we immediately recommend you to buy dishes from very thin glass, for example, a saucepan for soup, a cup for baked puddings, silicone molds will be useful for baking.


Those who use aerogrills, show that the food, which was thus cooked, goes very tasty. Or it may not work at all. So, it is only necessary to get used to aerogril, try to adapt, experiment with different dishes and with different cooking modes.

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